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Greenspace: It is the “G” in PFEWG!

PFEWG™ How We Feel About “Greenspace”

The Cambridge Public School Department is committed to protecting, expanding, and providing healthy outdoor environments for all school building occupants. Fostering a respect for the outdoors and providing opportunities for outdoor environmental education, play, and learning about wildlife is central to this mission, as well, because support for sustainability in general arises from feeling connected to nature, and wanting to do something to protect and increase our natural spaces.

We also aim to foster reverence for the outdoors by educating students and staff through weekly sustainability e-news and via our website, providing resources related to environmental preservation of greenspace and outdoors education.

What’s Happening Now!

CitySprouts Program
Currently, our CitySprouts program provides a schoolyard garden for each of our schools, and allows for students and teachers to grow plants and engage in hands-on learning, environmental stewardship, and the physical & sensory experience of growing and eating food. This outdoor learning experience is a core element of our students’ public school education.

Storm Water Management
The CPSD Office for Sustainability is working on storm water management, analyzing use of pest-control for outdoor spaces, and incorporating LEED design elements into new building design. We hope to look more extensively into the possibility of green roof options for future buildings.

Sustainable Transportation
In partnership with the Green Streets Initiative (Walk/Ride Days) the schools are encouraging students and staff to use sustainable modes of transportation to commute: such as walking, biking, carpooling, or using public transportation. This helps to encourage people to spend time outdoors when traveling between locations, in addition to reducing energy use.

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