What Makes a CPS JK/K Lottery Registration “Complete”?

We hope that the following guidance will be helpful to families registering for Cambridge Public Schools’ January JK/K Lottery. 

When participating in the January Junior Kindergarten/ Kindergarten (JK/K) Lottery,  it is important for families to understand what makes a registration “complete.” Importantly, whether a family is submitting all of their registration in person at the SRC, or uploading some of their documents online, the registration process must be completed in person at the SRC

The registration process begins at home, where you will need to gather a number of required documents. Some families will also choose to fill out their registration forms at home or by using the online pre-registration system. 

If you begin your registration through the pre-registration system, you can sign all of your forms and upload your child’s birth certificate or passport, as well as your proof of address and proof of occupancy documents (listed on the front page of the registration form and requested by the pre-registration system). If you do not pre-register, you will need to bring all of these documents with you to the SRC.

The final steps in the registration process must take place at the SRC. In order to complete the registration process, the parent/caregiver must come to the SRC in person, and, if necessary:

  1. Submit other required documents such as a notarized doubling up form, a notarized  caregiver affidavit, etc. 

  2. (If applicable) Schedule a language test to determine if your child will receive program language bonus points in the JK/K Lottery for Amigos, the Chinese Immersion Program, and the Ola Program

  3. Return with your child for their scheduled language test.

The deadline for the final steps in this process is 4PM on January 31, the last day of the Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten Lottery. 

This means that if a caregiver wishes to pre-register online, they must still come to the SRC in order to “complete” the registration by 4PM on January 31. If a language test is required to determine eligibility for program language bonus points in the JK/K Lottery for Amigos, the Chinese Immersion Program and the Ola Program, families must schedule the language test in order to ensure that it is completed by 4PM on January 31.

How to Register
  1. Fill out all forms (online or paper)
  2. Required documents (upload or gather to bring to SRC)
  3. Go to SRC in person
  4. Schedule a language test (if applicable)
  5. All registration forms and documents must be submitted and language testing must be scheduled and completed by 4PM on January 31.

Health Requirements & Immunization Record

Students must have completed all required immunizations to start school. The SRC collects immunization records and health forms for all entering students and provides them to the School Nursing program of Cambridge Public Health. A family is eligible to participate in the Lottery even if their child requires additional immunizations for school entry. In this instance, they must follow up with documentation of completed immunizations prior to the start of school.  

Immersion Program Applicants:
Amigos, the Chinese Immersion Program, and the Ola Program

For families seeking program language bonus points for their child for an immersion program during the JK/K Lottery, we strongly recommend that you complete your registration as early in the month as possible to ensure you can find an appointment time that will be convenient for your family. Families must schedule the language testing and ensure that it is completed by 4PM on January 31 in order to determine if your child qualifies for program language bonus points.

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