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School Committee Members & Subcommittees

The Cambridge School Committee is a seven member board. Six members are elected at large. The Mayor, who is elected from and by the nine elected City Council Members, serves as Chair of the School Committee. The School Committee determines overall School Department policy and budget.

Mark McGovern
Mayor Marc C. McGovern (Chair)
617.349.4321 | Email Marc
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Manikka L. Bowman
857.209.4509 | Email Manikka
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emily dexter
Emily R. Dexter
617.460.1597 | Email Emily
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Fantini2010_thumb.jpg Alfred B. Fantini
617.577.1755 | Email Alfred
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Laurance V. Kimbrough
617.529.3232 | Email Laurance
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fcronin_small.jpg Kathleen Kelly (Vice Chair)
617.899.2064 | Email Kathleen
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Patty Nolan
Patricia M. Nolan
617.642.8752 | Email Patricia
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Mr. Anthony Grassi and Mr. Antonio Escallon


Attendance Violation Policy
(AV Policy): Emily Dexter (Chair), Kathleen Kelly, Patricia Nolan
Budget (Committee of the Whole): Emily Dexter and Alfred Fantini (Co-Chairs)
Buildings & Grounds: Patricia Nolan (Chair), Manikka Bowman, Alfred Fantini
Communication: Manikka Bowman (Chair), Patricia Nolan
Community Relations: Patricia Nolan (Chair), Manikka Bowman, Laurance Kimbrough
Contract Negotiations (Committee of the Whole): Alfred Fantini and Kathleen Kelly (Co-Chairs)
Curriculum & Achievement: Laurance Kimbrough (Chair), Kathleen Kelly
Governance: Manikka Bowman (Chair), Alfred Fantini, Patricia Nolan
School Climate: Laurance Kimbrough (Chair), Emily Dexter
Special Education & Student Supports: Kathleen Kelly (Chair), Emily Dexter, Laurance Kimbrough