Superintendent Dr. Victoria L. Greer

Dr. Victoria Greer was appointed to serve as Superintendent of the Cambridge Public Schools on February 2, 2022, after serving as Interim Superintendent since July 1, 2021.

Dr. Greer is a dedicated teacher and educational leader with a career that spans twenty-three years across two states and four school districts. She is proud of her southern roots, growing up in a small farm town in West Tennessee. Dr. Greer was fortunate to have dedicated role models in her Kindergarten and fourth grade teachers as well as in her basketball and track coaches who all encouraged her to persevere, dream big, and value hard work and teamwork, attributes that she has brought into her career as a teacher and educational leader. Her ability to dream big and see beyond the borders of her small southern town is what landed her in Nashville, Tennessee and later led her to relocate to Massachusetts with her family.

Dr. Greer has served as the Superintendent of Sharon Public Schools since 2017, becoming the first African American woman to hold the position. Over the years, she has held various positions at both the school and district levels in public school districts. Very early in her career as a teacher and then later as a school and district leader, Dr. Greer became known for being student-centered and a fierce advocate for both students and teachers. Her level of advocacy and dedication for doing what is right for students and teachers is what makes her stand out as a leader in public education.

Dr. Greer began her career as a middle school Special Education teacher in Metro-Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) where she also taught elementary school students over the course of her teaching tenure. Dr. Greer is not only dedicated to her school and school district, but she is also a valued member of her community. At a time when inner city schools were struggling in Nashville, Dr. Greer jumped at the opportunity to support the city and its efforts to address low performance and high drop-out rates by developing and implementing after-school intervention programs that offered wrap-around services for middle school students and their families. As someone who always seeks a challenge, Dr. Greer dedicated herself to the students and families as a teacher and instructional coach in one of the most challenging schools and communities in the district when her husband’s career led her family to relocate to Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Greer was part of the team of educators in Memphis that was recognized for their success in school turnaround and was visited by the former Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings.

Focusing on school and district improvement, Dr. Greer worked her way up through the ranks and successfully led the efforts to revise the exceptional education programs and services in MNPS and implemented district-wide inclusive practices and co-teaching. Continuous improvement is a foundational practice that Dr. Greer actualizes both personally and professionally. As a result, she took the opportunity to relocate to Cambridge, Massachusetts to become the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services in 2013. As part of the team in Cambridge, Dr. Greer made lasting and meaningful improvements for students with special needs as well as advanced learners.

One of Dr. Greer’s primary goals as an education professional and leader is to make a broad and lasting impact on public education that cultivates communities of care and belonging while ensuring that each and every student receives an excellent education that will lead to life-long success and the success of their families and the overall community. Therefore, when the opportunity to become a Superintendent presented itself, she took the opportunity and successfully led the Sharon Public Schools. As Superintendent, Dr. Greer did not shy away from difficult decisions and challenging work; within her first year as Superintendent, she addressed equity issues related to special education and English language programs by adjusting resource allocations and finding efficiencies that led to the hiring of additional staff as well as the implementation of a comprehensive curriculum. Dr. Greer led the efforts to secure funding for a new high school facility, which resulted in the approval of a $163M override to fund the facility that will open fall 2022. She is an involved, hands-on leader that developed parent/community, teacher, and student advisory groups to promote broad and effective collaboration related to district initiatives.

In addition to being an educational leader, Dr. Greer is also a dedicated wife and mother. She values spending time with her family and engaging in activities together including weekly game nights, hiking, and sporting events with her nine and twelve year old. Dr. Greer enjoys reading, writing poetry, and volunteering at her church in Cambridge where she lives.
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