Green Hero: December 2012

The Green Hero Award given every month is a program of the Cambridge Green Schools Initiative (CGSI), and the honor is given to individuals or groups who are making a significant contribution or impact towards environmental sustainability in the Cambridge Public School District. The honor is given by the school department’s Office for Sustainability.


The Green Hero honor for the month of December 2012 goes to Joan Munro, Custodian at the King Open School and Cambridge Street Upper School for the Cambridge Public School Department. Joan has worked in Cambridge for a long time. Her parents were city workers. She loves the City of Cambridge and said that she takes the time to compost and recycle because she cares about children and wants them to have a beautiful future and planet.

She has worked as a school custodian for 24.5 years and in the kitchen for 6 years. “Joan is a dedicated employee. She loves her job, the Cambridge Public Schools, and the students very much. She continues to help others make green choices and supports students by teaching them how to compost,” said Kristen von Hoffmann, Sustainability Manager.

A champion of the environment, Joan continues to support and help everyone to recycle and compost at the King Open School and Cambridge Street Upper School, and across the district. “It’s great that the children are learning to compost at an early age,” Joan said. “They are learning the responsibility of taking care of the environment, and they can share it with others, making a ripple effect.”