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Library Media Department Contacts

Amy Short, Assistant Director of Library Media Services 617.349.6942
Elizabeth Mezzacappa, Clerk
Monday - Thursday | 8AM - 2PM
Fridays | 8AM - 4PM
Gillian Bartoo, Cataloguer and Automation Specialist 617.349.6780
Administrative Office Hours: 7:30AM – 4:30PM

Teachers' Resource Center
Melanie Nash, Library Media Specialist 617.349.6779
Erica Modugno, Media Technical Assistant 617.349.6778
TRC Office Hours:
Monday – Friday | 7:15AM - 4PM

Media Arts
Channel 98:
CRLS and other educational access programming
Channel 99:
Public Information
Located at the Media Arts Studio, 454 Broadway
Ginny Berkovitz, Manager, Media Arts 617.349.6744
Dacia Kornechuk, RSTA Media Technology Instructor
Josh Arevalo, Media Production Instructor
Angelica Brisk, Media Journalism Instructor 617.349.6635
Brad Glanden, Media Programmer 617.349.6733
Ross Matthei, Music & Media Production Instructor 617.349.6635