Community Building: Staff And Students

In an effort to build and embrace ideas within our Amigos community the staff and Middle School students produced Wordles that showcased the character traits and values that we support. The goal of this activity was to provide all of us with public voices within our school and to see the commonalities and differences between or staff and students. The most popular traits are shown through being projected in larger words. These are the top five traits that the staff selected, followed by those selected by the students:

Staff: Top Five

  1. Caring
  2. Cooperation
  3. Imagination
  4. Kindness
  5. Responsibility

Middle School: Top Five

  1. Friendship
  2. Imagination
  3. Responsibility
  4. Confidence
  5. Empathy

Student thoughts:

Student-Wordle.jpgConfidence: “With confidence you can do anything. If you believe in yourself miracles can happen. Never stop believing.
Empathy: “We should all have empathy, we should feel sympathetic for those who don’t have as much as us”.
Imagination: “To invent something you need to imagine the impossible”.
Imagination: “Imagination allows you to interpret the world in your own way”.
Friendship: “Friends lift you off the ground with jokes and kindness”.
Confidence: “Without confidence you can’t confront the obstacles that life presents”.
Assertiveness: “You have to be confident to be a good leader and take risks when necessary”.
Imagination: “Without imagination the first star at night is just a star”.
Imagination: “If you can’t imagine the world is only what it is. If you can imagine, the world is whatever you want it to be”.
Confidence: “The ‘in crowd’ is really just you and the people that make you happy”.
Empathy: “Put yourselves in their shoes, then you’ll realize what they are going through”.
Courage: “Without courage you cannot overcome the obstacles in the way of your goals”.

Staff thoughts:

Staff-Wordle.jpgIntegrity: “Be aware of the strong, smart, honest person you are and don’t allow others to take that away from you”.
Courage: “It’s important to have the courage to take risks”.
Friendship: “A positive world is built on positive relationships”.
Cooperation: “Sharing our expertise; making our work transparent”.
Empathy: “Embrace the fortunes of others, being humble is liberating”.
Justice: “Life is lost without justice”.
Integrity: “Stand behind what you believe in and instill that in others”.
Fairness: “Gives me a sense of balance, equilibrium, and also of justice”.
Responsibility: “Responsibility means I am accountable for my words and actions”.
Imagination: “Imagination creates new and exciting ideas that engage; it allows for flexibility and playfulness”.
Caring: “Every person is important and I believe it’s essential to model caring for others”.

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