Bus Changes: April 5, 2021

Bus Changes: April 5, 2021
Posted on 03/26/2021
IMPORTANT: This email is only for students who ride to school on the general education school bus. Door-to-Door students/families: Please disregard this message.

Dear Families,

Thank you all for your patience and attention to safety as we seek to provide the best possible transportation services for CPS students. We are writing with an important announcement:

Many School Bus Routes Will Change On April 5
On April 3rd or 4th, all bus riders should check the online
CPS Bus Finder to confirm your bus information 

To ensure that no vehicle becomes overcrowded as more students return for in-person learning, we are rerouting many of our general education school buses.
  • Students continuing in-person may have a different bus, bus stop, or pick-up time on April 5 than they had the week before.

  • Newly in-person students returning on April 5 or April 28 will be able to look up their bus stop starting on April 3.

Following this message are instructions for looking up your child’s bus using our online Bus Finder. Key details:

  • Wait until April 3 to check the Bus Finder. The system currently displays current bus stops. The new stops will only be visible a couple days before they change.
  • Eligibility: If your child was eligible for transportation in the past and you have not changed schools address, your child will still be eligible. Eligibility info >>

  • No registration required. All eligible students are assigned to a bus, free of charge with no registration required.

  • Notify the school of changes. If your child needs a different afternoon or morning bus stop, you must complete a transportation change form and provide it to their school. 

  • Already submitted a change form? There is no need to submit this form again. However, you should confirm the bus stop for the alternate address on or after April 3.

We will continue to evaluate our bus routes and make further changes as conditions evolve. Safety is our first priority, and we greatly appreciate the flexibility and understanding of our students and families.


Tina Fisher, Transportation Manager
Jim Maloney, Chief Operating Officer

Announcement: New Seating Rules
Based on updated state guidance, all CPS vehicles will operate with increased capacity, open windows, and masks required for all riders and bus staff. 

As a result, beginning April 5, students may share the seat with another student.
Bus routes are in the process of being updated to ridership across routes and avoid overcrowding.

April 3-4
New bus info available online

April 5 

  • Expanded in-person learning - Elementary Students
  • Continuing in-person students may have a new bus, bus stop, or time.

April 28

  • Expanded in-person learning - Upper Schools. 
  • No widespread changes are expected at this time (all changes will be completed as of April 5).
  • Any future adjustments will be announced to the affected bus riders.

What about Door-to-Door Transportation?
If any changes are made to a student’s specialized / door-to-door transportation service, the company (NRT) will contact the family directly.

If you have any questions:

  • Out-of-district special education schools: contact Janet
  •  In-district CPS school contact Mary and Cc: Tina
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