Curriculum Review

Review curriculum for cultural responsiveness, historical-accuracy, and representation

Boys readingWhile all curriculum departments regularly conduct curriculum reviews to ensure alignment to standards, and several curriculum departments have incorporated some review efforts from an equity lens, we commit to a systematic review of all curriculum.

February 2020 Update
An equity-driven overhaul of the curriculum development cycle is under way. The initial work is comprised of reviewing existing CPS frameworks, resources, and identifying of instructional equity tools that are geared towards aligning standards, materials, resources and culturally responsive teaching strategies. A comprehensive group of stakeholders that include educators and families will be invited to engage in the review process. More information will be shared later this spring/summer.

Action Plan

  • ✓ Analyze needs from an equity standpoint, to identify a starting point and make necessary adjustments to existing curriculum review cycle. (Winter 2019-2020)
  • ✓ Research options for external tools and technical assistance to be used to conduct this review. (Winter 2019-2020)
  • Solicit interest from educators, students, and community members interested in participating in working groups on both the selection of the review tool and the subsequent review work. (Spring 2020)
  • Select one consistent tool, able to be used across CPS Curriculum areas (Spring 2020)
  • Design a process and sequence for curriculum review, determining how and when to review curriculum in each content area and grade level. (June 2020)
  • Establish expectations for development of new content or materials when gaps and needs are identified within each curriculum area. (June 2020)
  • Conduct a curriculum review pilot (Summer 2020)
  • Publicize results and changes of the curriculum review pilot, and integrate any needed process adjustments into the full, equity-driven curriculum review cycle. (Fall 2020)

CPS Lead for equity-focused curriculum review: Michelle Madera, Interim Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction.

Monthly Superintendent Updates

Anti-Racist Initiatives

  • Incident Response: Improved response system for student reports of racist and other inappropriate behavior by adult staff members
  • Anti-Racism: Develop anti-racism & racial equity statement
  • Staff Training: Mandatory staff training and professional learning strategy on anti-racism and racial equity issues
  • Office of Equity: Dedicated office focused on racial equity, reporting directly to Superintendent
  • Curriculum Review: Review curriculum for cultural responsiveness, historical-accuracy, and representation

Policies & Accountability

Ongoing Efforts


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