School Committee Meeting Agenda: December 17, 2019

From the Office of the Executive Secretary to the School Committee

School Committee - Regular Meeting December 17, 2019


1. Public Comment (3 Minutes):

2. Student School Committee Report:

3. Presentation of the Records for Approval: None

4. Reconsiderations: None

5. Unfinished Business/Calendar:

C19-338 That the Minutes of the following meetings be placed on the Calendar:
• Roundtable Meeting November 12, 2019
• Regular Meeting November 19, 2019

#19-282 Motion by Mr. Kimbrough, Be it resolved that the Cambridge Public Schools will pay a 100% reimbursement fee to all CRLS graduates who pass a remedial, non-credit course at a community college or four-year college. (C19-335, C19-339)

#19-289 Motion by Ms. Dexter That whereas the Innovation Agenda proposal of 2011 stressed that the new middle schools would be small schools with cohorts of roughly 88 students per grade for a total enrollment of 300 students or fewer; and
Whereas the current total enrollment of VLUS (FY20 projected) is 303 students; and
Whereas current plans for the new VLUS are for a total population of 552 students, which would be an 82% increase in size;
The School Committee will have a roundtable to discuss the desired size of CPS upper schools and any alternatives to having any upper schools of more than 350 students. (C19-343)

Current (Projected FY20) Projected new VLUS
Total = 303 Total = 553
Regular = 259 Regular = 450
Self-contained special education =6 Self-contained special education=28
Sheltered English Immersion = 38 Sheltered English Immersion = 75

#19-290 Motion by Ms. Nolan, Mr. Kimbrough, Mayor McGovern, That whereas the School Committee has sought, through studies and reviews and in policy, to use data to ensure that schools in the district are equally successful and to expand and replicate successful programs and bring programmatic change to struggling; schools; and
Whereas the data consistently shows that the Tobin Montessori and Amigos Schools are both high achieving for a range of demographic groups and highly chosen; and
Whereas it is desirable to stabilize our schools and have even choices across the district, that the School Committee commits to:
• Start a second Montessori School, east of Harvard Square,
• Start a second Spanish Bilingual Immersion School which would be K-5, and join the Amigos School for grades 6-8
• Explore how to expand the MLK Chinese immersion program to enable more Cambridge students to have the opportunity to learn a language of world importance and economic benefit
• Use choice and achievement data to support programmatic change at schools to implement the above changes (C19-344)
• A goal of 95% of all families receiving their first, second or third choice school in the Kindergarten lottery, which would stabilize school enrollments and provide the community more certainty.

6. Awaiting Reports:

#19-178, Joint Motion by Ms. Nolan, Vice Chair Kelly and Mr. Fantini, That whereas the district has a commitment to all learners; and
Whereas the position of lead teacher for advanced learners has not had stable leadership for some time; and
Whereas the district has been reviewing protocols to address advanced learners needs; and
Whereas at times circumstances are such that students’ needs cannot be met in a classroom;
That the School Committee request, before the next school year begins, a report on recruitment efforts for the position, on supports for learners, including existing statistics on existing plans, and future updates to procedures, policies and protocols, including changing the existing system of relying on parents and guardians to identify students, which is inherently inequitable, and to ensure transparency and clarity, and under what circumstances a student may advance a grade (C19-205).

7. Superintendent’s Agenda:

7a. Presentations:

Presentation - 2018-2019 Cambridge Middle Grades Health Survey
Jennifer Flynn, Lead Teacher, K-12 Health & Wellness
Dr. Carolyn L. Turk, Deputy Superintendent

7b. CPS District Plan: None

7c. Consent Agenda:

#19-291 Recommendation: Day and Residential Program Services not available from the Cambridge Public School Department.

#19-292 Recommendation: Gifts and Miscellaneous Receipts

#19-293 Grant Award: FY20 Early Literacy Intervention (SC20632)

#19-294 Grant Award: Teacher Diversification Pilot Project (SC20162)

8. Non-Consent Agenda:

9. School Committee Agenda (Policy Matters/Notifications/Requests for Information):

#19-295, Motion by Ms. Dexter: That whereas there is community and parent concern about elementary school suspensions, particularly for students in grades preK-2, the School Committee requests that the FY21 budget include enough resources to meet the academic, socioemotional, and behavioral needs of all elementary school students in order to reduce or eliminate elementary school suspensions, particularly in grades preK2.
#19-296 Motion by Mr. Fantini: That the School Committee adopt the FY21 Budget Calendar.

10. Resolutions (letters of congratulations, letters of condolence): None

11. Announcements:

12. Late Orders:

13. Communications and Reports from City Officers: None
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