Micro-Aggressions Working Group

Microagressions Working GroupSchool year 2017-18 saw a resurgence of student activism on a number of issues. One of the student groups at CRLS that had the greatest impact on our community was the CRLS Black Student Union, whose videos brought to light the experiences of students of color through a series that began with Cambridge’s Minority Reports: Volume 1.

Among the ways that CPS responded to these concerns was a School Committee order that called for the creation of a “Micro-aggressions Working Group.” The order reads as follows:
Whereas, The Cambridge Public Schools has championed the ethos of celebrating the great diversity of CPSD; and

Whereas, The video released by the Black Student Union on December 4, 2017 provided needed contextualization to fully examine the racial and cultural blindspots that unfortunately exist in our schools; therefore be it

Resolved, The School Committee in conjunction with the CPSD administration create a working group that is made up of a diverse subset of stakeholders that solely examines race, class, and micro-aggressions through the vehicle of comprehensive and informed practices, procedures, and policies for students, families, teachers, and administrators for CPSD. (December 19,2017)
Under the leadership of Deputy Superintendent Dr. Carolyn L. Turk, the working group met in April, May and June 2018 and will continue to meet for at least 3 more sessions this fall. The work of this group includes building a collective understanding of microaggressions and the steps required to strengthen school and district responses to incidents of bias.

For more information, please contact Deputy Superintendent Turk.

Monthly Superintendent Updates

Anti-Racist Initiatives

  • Incident Response: Improved response system for student reports of racist and other inappropriate behavior by adult staff members
  • Anti-Racism: Develop anti-racism & racial equity statement
  • Staff Training: Mandatory staff training and professional learning strategy on anti-racism and racial equity issues
  • Office of Equity: Dedicated office focused on racial equity, reporting directly to Superintendent
  • Curriculum Review: Review curriculum for cultural responsiveness, historical-accuracy, and representation

Policies & Accountability

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