School Committee Meeting Agenda: November 1, 2016

From the Office of the Executive Secretary to the School Committee 

School Committee - Regular Meeting November 1, 2016 

A G E N D A 

1. Public Comment (3 Minutes)

2. Student School Committee Report

3. Presentation of the Records for Approval

Special Meeting – October 18, 2016 

Regular Meeting – October 18, 2016 

4. Reconsiderations: None 

5. Unfinished Business/Calendar

#16-226, Motion by Mayor Simmons, whereas it is incumbent that the School Committee Members adopt a uniform method to be identified by the general public, addressed via roll call, and recorded for public record; and 

Whereas, the School Committee formally adopted a process by which members are to be addressed by colleagues and identified by and for the general public during both School Committee and Sub-Committee Meetings via nameplate, CPSD letterhead, and signature; and 

Whereas, it has long been recognized that the creation of a more inclusive method will aid the committee with reinforcing norms, establishing continuity, and executing the business of the people; and 

Further, that the School Committee convene a preliminary discussion on how members are to be identified, addressed, and recorded for public record. (Dexter, 9-6-16) 

6. Awaiting Reports: None 

7. Superintendent’s Agenda

7a. Presentations: None 

7b. Innovation Agenda

7c. Consent Agenda

#16-254 Recommendation: Approval of Revisions to Physical Examinations Of Students Policy (Second Reading) 
#16-255 Recommendation: Approval of the Revisions to Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco & About Family Life/Sex Education Policy (Second Reading)
#16-256 Recommendation: Approval of Revisions to Student Health Services & Requirements Policy (Second Reading)  
#16-257 Recommendation: Approval of the Revisions to Communicable Disease Policy (Second Reading) 
#16-258 Recommendation: Approval of the Revisions to the Health Education Policy (Second Reading) 
#16-259 Recommendation: Contract Award: Enroot: Educational Support 
#16-260 Recommendation: Approval of Amendment to Food Service Employee Association Agreement 7/1/15-6/30/18 
#16-261 Recommendation: Approval of the Shore Educational Collaborative Articles of Agreement 
#16-262 Recommendation: Day & Residential Program Services not Available from the Cambridge School Department
#16-263 Recommendation: Contract Award: Cambridge Public Health: Nursing Services
#16-264 Recommendation: Grant Award: Confucius Institute (SC17136) 

8. Non-Consent Agenda

9. School Committee Agenda (Policy Matters/Notifications/Requests for Information)

#16-265, Motion by Ms. Dexter, whereas the Cambridge School Committee has voted to support the City's goal of expanding preK seats in Cambridge because of the obvious benefits of preK education; 

Whereas the City of Cambridge has prioritized making Cambridge affordable for low- and moderate-income families and preK education is a major expense for parents of young children; 

Whereas Cambridge Public Schools currently offers a junior kindergarten program to children who turn four-years-old before March 31; 

Whereas there have historically been and currently are many empty seats in CPS JK/K classrooms, particularly in under-chosen schools that would benefit from increased enrollment; 

And whereas the School Committee is obligated to use public funds and public resources to serve the greatest possible number of Cambridge children and families; 

Be it resolved that CPS will implement a very small pilot project this school year of making empty JK/K seats available mid-year to children who will turn four-years-old between April 1, 2017, and April 31, 2017, as a way to observe the effect of enrolling JK/K classrooms to meet capacity in CPS schools. This project will have no budget implications and there will be no obligation to repeat the pilot in future years if the project is determined to be disruptive or unsuccessful in its first year. Details of the proposed project are in the accompanying document. 

#16-266, Motion by Ms. Bowman, whereas the Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee met to discuss capacity issues for the Cambridge Public Schools facilities and, 

Whereas the Committee agreed there needs to be intentional forward thinking regarding future enrollment shifts within the Cambridge Public School District, therefore be it, 

Resolved that the Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee recommends that CPS in collaboration with the City of Cambridge give an update on the current renovation project at the King Open School/Cambridge Street Upper School, initial thoughts on the Vassal Lane Upper School/ Tobin Montessori School project, initial thinking on the next school redevelopment project and infrastructure improvement investments for all CPS buildings that are not slated for demolition. Be it further,   

Resolved that the Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee recommends that CPS creates a five year contingency plan that addresses the capacity needs of all CPS buildings based on future enrollment projections to accommodate potential growth within the district. 

#16-267, Motion by Ms. Dexter, that whereas Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School strives to ensure that all students have opportunities to explore their interests and acquire the skills, knowledge, and dispositions required for successful young adulthood; 

Whereas CRLS strives to ensure that all students receive the academic support and guidance necessary to develop and work toward post-secondary goals; and 

Whereas not all students enter CRLS with strong academic skills, a strong identification with school, and an ability to independently access resources; 

Be it resolved that the School Committee requests that the CPS and CRLS administrations ensure that, in the 2016-2017 school year, despite increased CRLS enrollment: 
All students, 9th graders in particular, receive academic support services and guidance services commensurate with their needs; i.e. those with greater need receive greater support. 
All students, 9th graders in particular, who are at risk for low academic achievement, have difficulty identifying and accessing resources, and/or display signs of school disengagement are provided with supplementary academic and/or guidance support. 
Any student wishing to "double up" their requirements, i.e. take two required courses in the same subject in one year, are able to do so. 

Be it further resolved that the School Committee pledges to ensure that the CRLS principal will receive with any additional discretionary funds or staff positions required to meet the needs of all students in the current school year, in particular those at risk for academic failure or school disengagement. 

Attachment: Notes on 2016-2017 9th grade cohort 
Link to description of CRLS Guidance Department: 

#16-268, Joint Motion by Mayor Simmons, Ms. Kelly, and Mr. Fantini, whereas the City of Cambridge Public School Department (CPSD) continues to make strong efforts to ensure that its workforce accurately reflects the rich diversity of the community it serves, and it continues taking proactive steps toward creating a more supportive, culturally-sensitive work climate for all employees; and 

Whereas to ensure that the CPSD’s mission of creating a more culturally sensitive workforce is achieved, it would be wise to extend any training and programming around cultural competency not only to the Cambridge Public School Administrators and Department Heads and to members of its workforce but also to the legislative leaders that are responsible for creating the CPSD’s policies; now therefore be it 

Resolved that the Mayor and the Superintendent/Administration form a working group to create a series of training modules to affect this mission. 

#16-269, Motion by Ms. Nolan, that whereas there has been discussion on changing ninth grade core academic classes by eliminating the option of separate honors classes in History and/or English and whereas School Committee sees the involvement of all community stakeholders as essential for improving education, including students, teachers, administrators and parents in decisions affecting all students, that the Superintendent set up opportunities for comprehensive outreach to all stakeholders prior to any recommendation to the School Committee on any proposed changes to CRLS course level options. 

#16-270, Report of the October 6, 2016 Meeting of the Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee 

10. Resolutions (letters of congratulations, letters of condolence)

11. Announcements

12. Late Orders: 


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