In Cambridge, most students take chemistry as sophomores.

In Grade 10 Chemistry, instructional time should focus on eight critical areas:

  1. Properties of matter;
  2. Atomic structure;
  3. Periodicity;
  4. Chemical Bonding
  5. Chemical reactions and stoichiometry;
  6. Gases and kinetic molecular theory;
  7. Solutions; and
  8. Acids and Bases
Broad Concept
Properties of Matter and Thermochemistry (Enthalpy)
  • Physical and chemical properties can be used to classify and describe matter.
  • The driving forces of phase changes and chemical reactions are energy and entropy.
Atomic Structure The model of the atom has changed over time. An atom is a discrete unit. The atomic model can help us understand the interaction of elements and compounds observed on a macroscopic scale.
Periodicity Periodicity of physical and chemical properties relates to atomic structure and led to the development of the periodic table. The periodic table displays the elements in order of increasing atomic number.
Chemical Bonding Atoms form bonds by the interactions of their valance electrons.
Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry The conservation of atoms in chemical reactions leads to the ability to calculate the mass of products and reactants.
Gases and Kinetic Molecular Theory The behavior of gases can be explained by Kinetic Molecular Theory.
Solids, liquids, and gases dissolve to form solutions.
Acids and Bases
Acids and bases are important in numerous chemical processes that occur around us, from industrial processes to biological ones, from the laboratory to the environment.

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