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Upper School Transfers

According to School Committee Policy, school transfers at the Upper School level are allowed only during limited time windows in order to maintain the stability of the Upper School experience. Students may not transfer to a different Upper School between 5th and 6th Grade.

Transfer requests for students who will be entering 7th or 8th grade in September will be accepted during the month of May. Families must complete an Upper School Transfer Lottery form and return it to the Student Registration Center in order to participate.

There will be very limited seats available for school transfers, and a list of currently available seats within the two assignment categories (Free/Reduced Lunch or Paid Lunch) is below.

Transfer requests from students entering 7th and 8th Grade the following year will be combined with new 7th and 8th Grade registrations received by May 31, 2019 and entered into a randomized lottery held in June. Assignment letters for new-to-CPS students and Lottery results for CPS students who submitted transfer requests between May 1 and May 31 will be mailed to families on June 14, 2019. CPS students who do not receive their choice of assignment will be automatically included in a second transfer lottery to be held in October. If seats are determined to be open after the start of school, the October lottery will provide a second round of transfer offers to a small number of students.

All new-to-CPS students in grades 7 and 8 for SY19-20 who do not receive a school assignment through the Upper School Lottery will be assigned to an Upper School in July when the summer assignment process begins. New-to-CPS seventh- and eighth-grade students who register from June 1, 2019 onwards will be also assigned to Upper Schools later in the summer. Registration for Upper Schools is ongoing; there is no deadline.

Students who are granted a Hardship Appeal may transfer outside of the time windows established by this Policy, if a seat is available in their assignment category. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Student Registration Center at 617.349.6551 or email the SRC.

SCHOOL YEAR 2019-2020
Upper School Lottery – Spring 2019: Seat Availability as of 4/23/19

Grade 7
Grade 8
0 Seats
6 Seats
6 F/R Lunch seats or Paid Lunch seats
Cambridge Street Upper School
0 Seats
14 seats
14 F/R Lunch seats or Paid Lunch seats
Putnam Avenue Upper School
0 Seats
2 seats
1 F/R Lunch seat
2 Paid Lunch seats
Rindge Avenue Upper School
0 Seats
0 Seats
Vassal Lane Upper School
0 Seats
0 Seats

Please note that additional seats may be available when the Lottery is run a second time in October 2019. Families wishing to transfer should submit an Upper School Lottery form even if no seats are currently available at your choice of school. All rising seventh and eighth grade families who do not receive any transfer during the spring Upper School Lottery are automatically eligible for the October Upper School Lottery, if there are seats available. For more information, please call 617.349.6067 or email us.