Instructional Videos for Algebra I

The videos below were created to support students at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in their learning of content in our Algebra I course. The topic and the link to a video covering that content are below.

Lesson # Topic
1 Introduction to algebra
2 Displaying data
3 Measuring center and spread of data
4 Standard deviation
5 Pattern recognition
6 Unit conversions
7 Multiple representations
8 Number sets
9 Relations and functions
10 Arithmetic and geometric sequences
11 Solving equations
12 Solving absolute value equations
13 Solving inequalities
14 Solving absolute value inequalities
14a Interval notation
15 Slope
16 3 forms for linear equations
17 Least-square regression line
18 Causation, common response and confounding
19 Solving systems of linear equations graphically
20 Solving systems of linear equations using substitution
21 Solving systems of linear equations using elimination
22 Solving systems of linear inequalities
23 Linear programming
24 Introduction to matrices
25 Basic arithmetic with matrices
26 Matrix multiplication
27 Matrix determinants
28 Identity and inverse matrices
29 Solving systems of equations using matrices
30 Exponents
31 Exponent rules
32 Exponential functions
33 Introduction to polynomials
34 Arithmetic with polynomials
35 Factoring using the GCF
36 The zeros of a polynomial
37 Introduction to quadratics
38 Vertex form of quadratics
39 Transformations
40 Factoring quadratics
41 Simplifying radicals
42 Completing the square
43 Quadratic formula
44 The discriminant and x-intercepts
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