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Cambridge Educational Access TV (CEATV) 98/99

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Original work from students and faculty, professionally produced educational programs, school events including sports, and programming acquired from other educational access facilities.

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School news and information including school committee meetings, and programs from other educational, nonprofit, and government sources.

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Weekly Highlights
May 20 - 26, 2019
SmartTV 98

Spot On: 15 Questions for CRLS Teachers (New!)
Mon. 9:30PM & Thu. 9:30PM

What’s Up Cambridge: Spring Danceworks 2019 (New!)
Sat. 7PM & Sun. 9PM

Baby Blue Arts: Lila Ammons Jazz Quartet
Wed. 9:30PM & Sat. 1:30PM

Reeling: The Movie Review Show (New!)
Wed. 10PM & Sun. 4PM


Cambridge School Committee Meeting (Live)
Tue. 6PM

Seniors on the Move: Stress Management for Seniors
Thu. 12:30PM & Sat. 12:30PM

Creating Cooperative Kids: Teens and Safe Driving
Wed. 10PM & Sun. 10PM