Scope & Sequence

The ELA curriculum explores content, themes, and community learning experiences that build on one another over a student’s time in CRLS. Therefore, all students are required to participate in the full scope and sequence of the ELA program. This includes Honors ELA 9, ELA 10 Earned Honors and ELA 11 or the BHCC Dual Enrollment course. Students may not skip any of the required courses.

Expectations for Grades 9
All 9th graders participate in Honors ELA 9. In this course, students explore how characters and people form their identities, including their own identities and those of their classmates. Students will develop reading, writing, critical thinking and research skills through a variety of assessments including 4 common formative assessments. This class meets every other day for the entire school year in partnership with Honors World History 2.

Expectations for Grade 10
Students will further develop their love of literacy by reading their own independent book choices as well as analyzing shared class mentor texts. Students will read as writers by studying the craft of diverse authors; they will research, write creatively, think critically, and develop thesis-driven arguments. Communication, vocabulary, grammar, and reading strategies as well as MCAS preparation instruction will be embedded throughout the course.

This is an earned Honors class. All students will participate in Common Formative Assessments and earn Honors credit based on performance. Honors credits will be designated upon completing the course.

Expectations for Grade 11
Through a variety of genres including poetry, short stories, fiction, nonfiction, and drama, students will explore the following themes: individual freedom and the quest for the American dream; the conflict between conscience and conformity; class and alienation; and oppression in America. Students will continue to develop their critical reading skills and express their ideas in writing. They will refine their voice, style, and purpose as writers.

Expectations for Grade 12
In Grade 12, students will choose an English elective course. Colleges and universities require students to earn 4 units of English as an entrance requirement. It is also a requirement for graduation. Each course in the sequence from grades nine through twelve is designed to help you prepare for college, work, and the world beyond high school.
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