Channel 98/99

TV Programming at the Media Arts Studio

CEATV oversees two Cambridge cable channels: SMART TV98 and CPS TV99 serving the Cambridge community, and especially the educational community affiliated with the Cambridge Public School system. To submit your media to CEATV please complete a cablecast form and send it to us.

Channel 98:

SMART TV98 (Student-Media-ART Television) cablecasts professionally produced educational programs, original work from students and faculty, school events including sports and programming acquired from other educational access facilities.

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Channel 99:

CPS TV99 (Cambridge Public School Television) highlights school news and information including school committee meetings and programs from other educational, nonprofit, and government sources.

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Electronic Bulletin Board

The electronic Bulletin Board is an up-to-date source for information about the school district and Cambridge community. Bulletin Board messages play between programs and appear about 20 times a day.

To post an announcement or event:

  • Design a notice with the message and email Ginny Berkowitz. We would prefer to receive it as a PowerPoint file.
  • Or simply send an email to Ginny Berkowitz with your information as text and we will create the slide for you.

Weekly Highlights
December 15 - 21, 2014
SmartTV 98
Schedule & Streaming
Falcon Sports World
Mon. | 10:30PM, Thurs. | 10:30PM

Sci-Fi Journal: December 2014
Tues. | 11PM

Euromaxx: Arts & Culture
Wed. | 9PM, Sun. | 3PM

Stories to Explore
We. | 8:30AM, Sat. | 10:30AM
Schedule & Streaming
Wicked Good Food: Rain & Snow Comfort Food
Tues. | 4PM, Fri. | 2:30PM

Future Talk: New Frontiers in Photography
Wed. | 5:30PM, Sun. | 5:30PM

Classic Arts Showcase
Wed. | 6PM, Thurs. | 10AM