Office of Student Services

October 2017

Dear Cambridge Community,

We are off to a wonderful start of the 2017-2018 school year! I was so impressed by the elevated level of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement in the air beginning on August 30th and carrying through to the present. It is my hope that we can move forward this year by building on this engagement and momentum and channeling it into our daily work with students. As you know, the Office of Student Services is charged with ensuring that students receive a high quality education in the least restrictive environment. The Office of Student Services is focusing on providing students with rigorous, joyful, and culturally responsive learning experiences recognizing that this one of the key components of effective inclusive practices.

For this school year, we look forward to continuing our work on realizing our vision and accomplishing the goals of the Office of Student Services Strategic Plan and, further, to collaborating with our general education colleagues around the implementation of the Cambridge Public Schools District Plan Framework. Additionally, and most importantly, the Office of Student Services remains committed to partnering with families and students to ensure engagement and opportunities for input and voice. We also want to acknowledge our continuing work with our many community partners who support our work with students.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of Student Services Coordinators, Karyn Grace, Desiree Phillips, Shelagh Walker, and/or me with any questions or concerns.


Jean Spera

Interim Assistant Superintendent

Office of Student Services

Students receive a high quality education in the least restrictive environment through the provision of Specialized Services and Supports that meet their unique learning, social, emotional,and behavioral needs.

To collaborate with the school community, families, students, and community stakeholders to ensure the academic, social, and emotional success of every

Year 2 Goals 2014 - 2015 (updated)

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