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School Committee Members

Mayor David P. Maher
617.349.4321 | Email David
kkelly_small.jpg Fran Cronin
617.497.2115 | Email Fran
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Fantini2010_thumb.jpg Alfred B. Fantini
617.577.1755 | Email Alfred
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Harding2010_thumb.jpg Richard Harding
857.383.0916 | Email Richard
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fcronin_small.jpg Kathleen Kelly
617.899.2064 | Email Kathleen
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Nolan2010_thumb.jpg Patricia M. Nolan
617.661.0729 | Email Patricia
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mervin.jpg Mervan F. Osborne
617.653.7569 | Email Mervan
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Subcommittee Members
Budget (Committee of the Whole): Harding and Osborne, Co-Chairs
Building and Grounds: Fantini, Chair; Harding, Kelly
School Climate: Kelly, Chair; Harding, Osborne
Curriculum and Achievement: Cronin, Chair; Fantini, Nolan
Community Relations: Nolan, Chair; Cronin, Osborne
Governance: Osborne, Chair; Cronin, Kelly
Contract Negotiations (Committee of the Whole): Fantini and Nolan, Co-Chairs