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School Committee Members & Subcommittees

Mark McGovern
Mayor Marc C. McGovern (Chair)
617.349.4321 | Email Marc
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Manikka L. Bowman
857.209.4509 | Email Manikka
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emily dexter
Emily R. Dexter
617.460.1597 | Email Emily
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Fantini2010_thumb.jpg Alfred B. Fantini
617.577.1755 | Email Alfred
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Laurance V. Kimbrough
617.529.3232 | Email Laurance
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fcronin_small.jpg Kathleen Kelly (Vice Chair)
617.899.2064 | Email Kathleen
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Patty Nolan
Patricia M. Nolan
617.642.8752 | Email Patricia
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Attendance Violation Policy
(AV Policy): Emily Dexter (Chair), Kathleen Kelly, Patricia Nolan
Budget (Committee of the Whole): Emily Dexter and Alfred Fantini (Co-Chairs)
Buildings & Grounds: Patricia Nolan (Chair), Manikka Bowman, Alfred Fantini
Communication: Manikka Bowman (Chair), Patricia Nolan
Community Relations: Patricia Nolan (Chair), Manikka Bowman, Laurance Kimbrough
Contract Negotiations (Committee of the Whole): Alfred Fantini and Kathleen Kelly (Co-Chairs)
Curriculum & Achievement: Laurance Kimbrough (Chair), Kathleen Kelly
Governance: Manikka Bowman (Chair), Alfred Fantini, Patricia Nolan
School Climate: Laurance Kimbrough (Chair), Emily Dexter
Special Education & Student Supports: Kathleen Kelly (Chair), Emily Dexter, Laurance Kimbrough