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Media Arts

The CPS Media Arts program offers a wide array of classes and clubs, a work-study program, and special projects that expand our curricular focus. Housed in the Media Arts Studio on the CRLS campus, CEATV, Media Journalism, and RSTA Media Technology programs together provide in school and after school media arts education for the district.

Completed work is shown on our two Cambridge cable channels, streamed on our web site, and archived on the CPS MediaCAST student portal.

Students have the opportunity to work with professional media makers and engage in school, community, and university collaborations. The school year culminates in our annual Media Fair with teachers, students and parents gathering in our studio to view media produced from across the district.


Weekly Highlights
June 19 - 25, 2017
SmartTV 98
Schedule & Streaming

Falcon Sports World: Sports at CRLS (New Episode!)
Thu. 10:30PM & Sun. 8:30PM

What's Up Cambridge: Student-Produced Experimental Media (New!)
Fri. 4PM & Sat. 7PM

The Dungeon of Dreck: The Day of the Triffids
Sat. 11PM

Baby Blue Arts: Siama's World Quartet
Sat. 1:30PM & Sun. 3:30PM

Schedule & Streaming

Cambridge School Committee Meeting (Live)
Tue. 6PM

White House Chronicle: News & Analysis (New Episode!)
Tue. 10PM & Wed. 5PM

Painting with Picasso's Grapevine: Monochromatic Painting
Fri. 3:30PM & Sat. 11AM