CRLS DYK Newsletter: January 11, 2022
Published on Jan 11, 2022 19:25

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January 11, 2022

End of Semester One Assessment (Exam) Schedule

Semester 1 Exam Schedule
Thursday, January 20th
Blocks 3 & 4 Silver Day only class assessments | Regular Schedule

Friday, January 21st
Blocks 1 & 2 Black Day only class assessments | Regular Schedule

Monday January 24th
Blocks 1 & 2 Silver Day and non-alternating class assessments | Regular Schedule

Tuesday, January 25th
Blocks 3 & 4 Black Day and non-alternating class assessments & make-up exams.
Early Release
Grab & Go Lunch

Wednesday, January 26th
All blocks meet for an abbreviated amount of time
Early Release
Grab & Go Lunch

Thursday, January 27th
First Day of Semester 2 - Regular Schedule

Friday, January 28th
Regular Schedule

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 Message from the Family Liaison: Do you need help with food?

Hello CRLS Students and Caregivers,

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. It has been a challenging time for many and I know a lot of students and families are home and quarantined due to Covid. Please let me know if you or your family needs extra help with food. We have a new supply of donated gift cards as well as a food pantry located at CRLS.

If you would like a gift card mailed to you, please register here. If you would like a bag of non-perishable food please call me at 617.349.6660 to make arrangements.

Greta Hardina, CRLS Family Liaison

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COVID-19 Vaccine BOOSTER Clinic @ the Teen Health Center 

Visit here for more information about where to get a booster.

Who is eligible?

  • Current CRLS students ONLY who are 12 years old or older, and who received their 2nd Pfizer COVID vaccine 5 or more months ago OR their 2nd Moderna COVID vaccine 6 or more months ago


  • Starting on TUESDAY, JANUARY 4th, Teen Health will be offering BOOSTER vaccines every Tuesday from 8:30AM - 3PM

Call 617.665.1548 or walk-in to the clinic to schedule an appointment in person. NO WALK-IN APPOINTMENTS, you must schedule in advance.

  • Anyone 12-15 years old must come to the appointment with a parent/guardian.
  • Anyone 16 -17 years old may come alone but must have two signed consent forms (one from the state and one from CHA)*.
  • Anyone 18 years old and above may come alone.

*You can either pick up the consent forms from Teen Health OR you can print them out here:

How do I schedule an appointment?

  • Call 617.665.1548 or walk-in to the clinic to schedule an appointment in person.
  • NO WALK-IN APPOINTMENTS, you must schedule in advance.
  • Limited appointment availability (only 12 appointments each Tuesday)

The Covid-19 booster is FREE.
If you have any questions, please call 617.665.1548

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FOCA Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, January 11 | 6PM

FOCA’s monthly meeting moved to remote! Next meeting will be on January 11 at 6PM. Please email Diana MacArthur for the meeting link.

We are planning for the return of FOCA’s largest fundraising event, Cambridge CityRun, 5k around Fresh Pond. Now is a great time to volunteer!

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 SAVE THE DATE: FY23 Budget Development Community Meetings

CPS invites students, families and staff to Save-the-Date for the FY23 Budget Virtual Community Meetings, where members of the CPS community will join Superintendent Greer and School Committee members to share their perspectives on budget priorities for next year.

  • Thursday January 13 | 7 and 8PM
  • Wednesday, January 26
    • Bengali speaking families | 6PM
    • Haitian Creole speaking families | 7PM
    • Arabic speaking families | 8PM
  • Wednesday, February 2 | 3 and 4PM
  • Thursday February 3
    • Amharic speaking families | 6PM
    • Spanish speaking families | 7PM
    • Cambridge family organizations | 8PM
  • Saturday, February 12 | 10 and 11AM
  • Community Meetings with Students | Week of January 24 (Exact Dates and Times TBD)

Each session will last approximately one hour. Register here >>

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Do you need food for the holidays or a warm winter coat? Do you need FREE food or a warm winter coat?

Brrrr... It is cold. Do you need warm clothes?

Go to room 1104 to see Ms. Hardina and get a free winter coat, hat or gloves.

You can email Greta Hardina or call at 617.349.6660 for more information.

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The August Wilson Monologue Program is back!

Keith Mascoll, professional actor, Cambridge resident and CRLS graduate is returning to CRLS to mentor young actors as part of the August Wilson Monologue Competition.

August Wilson is a giant in American theatre and one of America’s greatest playwrights. His lasting contribution to our society and culture is the Pittsburgh Cycle, ten plays, each set in a different decade that chronicles the African American experience in the 20th century.

The August Wilson Monologue Competition is a national event, run through the Huntington Theatre Company and “celebrates the writing of the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright”. Wilson is known for writing the plays Fences and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom among many others.

Keith works with CRLS students on script analysis and character development, and coaches them as they prepare monologues for performance and competition as part of the national competition program.

If you have a passion for poetry, a curiosity for acting and a desire to live the words of characters embodying the African American experience, then this is for you. For more information contact Brett Cramp.

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Native Plant Plug Sale

Native Plant Plug Sale organized by the CRLS International Sustainability & Development Club, in collaboration with the Cambridge Plant & Garden Club and other passionate native plant gardeners

Want to Buy a Holiday Gift and Help the Planet at the Same Time?
Insect and bird populations are falling in the US partly due to a lack of native plants. Birds and insects play a critical role in maintaining a stable ecosystem, by providing food to other species, and pollinating our crops. They require native plants for their survival.

This holiday season treat yourself or your loved ones with native plants to save birds, insects, and other species! Choose from a selection of 3 sun plants and 3 shade plants and pick up your plants in May. All plant plugs are one year old and have healthy root systems.

Order now here >>
More details >>

Choose 3 plants of a kind for $10!
Sun plants: Foxglove Beardtongue, Wild Bergamot or Bee Balm, Purple Coneflower
Shade plants: Eastern Red Columbine, Wild Geranium, Blue-Stemmed Goldenrod

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COVID19 Information

Are COVID Vaccines safe for children? Panel Discussion
Wednesday, January 19 | 7PM
Get answers to your important questions about COVID vaccines for children. Dr. Traci Brooks, CHA Interim Chief of Pediatrics, and Dr. Lou Ann Bruno-Murtha, CHA Chief of Infectious Disease, will discuss safety, risks, immunity, boosters and more. Join us via Google Meet >>

CRLS 2021-22 Semester 1 Covid Safety Check Schedule

Monday - Thursday | 8:15-11:15AM | CRLS Media Cafeteria
Testing is available to all students in the Media Cafe. 
Students participating in testing must have signed consent forms on file. Please complete your COVID19 testing form here!

CPS COVID19 Information
From the beginning of the pandemic, CPS has prioritized safe, in-person learning and made significant investments in a comprehensive plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19. More details >>

Get your 1st, 2nd or booster Jab!
Upcoming COVID Vaccine Clinics near you! 
More details >>

COVID19 PCR Testing
The City of Cambridge offers free COVID-19 PCR testing 4 days per week for those who live or work in Cambridge. At all City of Cambridge sites, testing is available to children and adults of all ages. View schedule >>

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Cambridge School Volunteers (CSV)

CSV is excited to return with in-person tutoring support for the CRLS community.

Drop-in Math Center - Before school (8-8:30AM)
Room 2403
Come by any day for support with all levels of math--no pre-registration required.

Subject-based Tutoring Services - Before school (8-8:30AM) or after school (3:15-4:15PM)
Room 2403 (before school) or Room 2407 (after school)
Meet one-to-one with a tutor once a week to receive support with one or more academic subjects and/or test preparation.

College and Career Mentoring Program - Wednesdays (3:15-4:15PM)
Career & College Resource Center (CCRC), Room 1501
Meet one-to-one with a mentor once a week to explore and plan for your post-secondary life. This can include career and college research, college admission essay help, scholarship application support, etc.
First session: October 20

Request a CSV tutor or mentor >>
Become a CSV Volunteer >>

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Megan Andres, CSV's Director of High School Programs, or James Duche, Tutoring Center Manager at 617.349.6794

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Spring Driver's Education Class Registration Information

Tuesday, March 22 | 3:05-5PM | Auto Garage (456 Broadway)
The CRLS Drivers Education Program is a state approved program that serves the Cambridge community and is led by Mr. Bill Timmins. A Winter Driver's Education Class will not be offered this year. 

More details >>
Please fill out registration form >>

If you have any further questions, please contact Bill Timmins at 339.223.0163.

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FREE Virtual Immigration Legal Screening Clinics

The Virtual Immigration Legal Screening Clinics are held on the third Wednesday each month. This clinic is a free virtual immigration clinic provided by skilled immigration attorneys.

Please scroll down to "Other Resources." Information available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Somali, Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, and Chinese. More details >>

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Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee Resource

Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (CEOC) is Cambridge’s anti-poverty agency. Our mission is to empower people and mobilize resources to fight poverty’s causes and impacts through education and organizing.

View services >>
(Available in Amharic, Haitian Creole and Spanish)

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McLean Hospital 2021

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder in Teens
Being a teenager is tough. They go through many changes, including social and educational changes. But it's important to be able to tell the difference between “typical” teen moodiness and signs of a mental health condition like BPD.The differences between teen behavior and emerging personality disorders can be hard to recognize. How can we tell which is which?
More details >>

The Mental Health Perks of Self-Compassion
Having a good grasp on self-compassion—acting kind while forgiving and nurturing yourself—can have a major impact in our own lives, as well as the lives of others. In a recent webinar, David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, explains the impacts of self-compassion on our mental health and shares simple ways that we can become kinder to ourselves.
More details >>

Lived Experience: Digging Deep To Find Strength
It took Gayle years to break through stigma and get help for her mental health. Growing up, her anxiety and depression were brushed off, and a suicide attempt in college finally gave her family an idea of how difficult a time she was having. Gayle found herself unable to process her feelings alone. She started therapy, which eventually led to her mental health diagnoses, clinical care at McLean, and discovering strength she didn't know she had.
More details >>

What You Know About Stress is Likely Not True
We all experience stress each day. But an unhealthy amount of it can be dangerous to both our physical and mental health. There’s a lot of information out there about stress and how to handle it—but there are also many misconceptions about stress. It’s up to you to figure out what causes you to feel stressed, recognize how your body reacts, and know what you can do to minimize feeling overwhelmed.
More details >>

Join Our Upcoming Free Mental Health Webinars!
McLean Hospital recognizes the need for reliable and helpful mental health resources. Join individuals from over 100 countries who have learned from leading experts in psychiatry and psychology. All webinars are free in hopes of promoting healthy individuals and communities. Join us for our sessions about anxiety, ADHD, healthy lifestyles, and more.

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Healthy Snack of the Week

Popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon served with apple slices
Popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon served with apple slices.

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Questions? Comments? Concerns?

For more information on DYK, please contact Greta Hardina, CRLS family Liaison.

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CRLS Events & Reminders


FOCA Meeting
January 11


Student COVID-19 Vaccinations
All students ages 12+ are required to be fully vaccinated in order to participate in CPS-sponsored before and afterschool activities. 
More details >>

Message from Safety
The CRLS Lost and Found is located in the Safety office (main lobby). Please go to Safety to retrieve your lost belongings promptly. Every few months, Items that are not retrieved, will be donated to local charities- including Falcon's Market.
Teen Health Center Hours
Mon. - Fri. | 8AM-3:30PM
Questions? Call 617.665.1548

Do you need a student ID?
Mon. - Fri. | 8-8:30AM
Go to the Security Office in the main lobby.

Youth Employment Center 
can help you with finding jobs, job apps, resume & interview prep! Open every day during all lunches and Tuesday & Wednesday after school in room 2101 (Other times by appointment.)
More details >>

Falcon's Market OPEN!
Falcon's Market is open for students and families. Please go to Room 1104 (just outside the main cafeteria). More details >> 

CEATVCEATV Weekly Highlights
January 10 - 16, 2021
Schedule & Streaming >>

SmartTV 98

The Word: Game Shows (New!)
Mon. 9:30PM & Sat. 5:30PM

What’s Up Cambridge: Student Holiday Projects
Sat. 6PM & Sun. 12PM

Falcon Sports World: From Athlete to Coach with Mr. Prince
Tue. 4:30PM & Wed. 8:30PM

NASA TV Highlights: SpaceCast Weekly 1/7/22
Wed. 7:30PM & Sun. 7:30PM

School Committee Inauguration & Organizational Meeting 1/3/22 (Re-Broadcast)
Wed. 6PM & Sat. 10AM

School Committee Regular Meeting 1/4/22 (Re-Broadcast)
Tue. 6PM & Sun. 10AM

White House Chronicle: News & Analysis (New!)
Thu. 4PM & Fri. 8PM

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