CRLS DYK Newsletter: December 14, 2021
Published on Dec 14, 2021 18:47

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December 14, 2021

Free COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic @ CRLS

Vaxx Clinic
December 15 | 3:30-7:30PM
CPHD is hosting a 3rd vaccine clinic this Wednesday at CRLS. Please note that COVID booster vaccines will be available for anyone 16 and older if they are fully vaccinated (considered fully vaccinated 14 days after receipt of the second dose in a 2-dose series or 14 days after receipt of the single dose of the Janssen vaccine).

  • Appointments are required. Walk-ins will not be accepted.
  • COVID booster vaccines WILL be available for students ages 16 and 17 and adults
  • Anyone 5 and older can receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. This clinic cannot accommodate those who need their second dose.
  • FluMist will be available to people ages 2 to 49 at the Dec. 15 clinic who have an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine.

**A follow-up clinic will be held on Wednesday, January 5 to provide the second dose of vaccine to children and adults who received their first dose at the December 15 clinic.**

Register here >>

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Student Vaccination

CPS is requiring all students ages 12+ to be fully vaccinated in order to participate in CPS-sponsored before and afterschool activities, including athletics, clubs, visual and performing arts programs, and school-sponsored social events. More details >>

PSA: CRLS Students Say Cool People Get Vaccinated. Watch video >>

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CRLS Third Thursday Open Mic

December 16 | 3:15-4:15PM | CRLS Library
This is an ALL AGES open mic for the CRLS community!

More details >>

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Winter A Cappella Jam this Saturday

 Saturday December 18th, is our Winter A Cappella Jam! December 18 | 7PM | Fitzgerald Theatre
Saturday December 18th, is our Winter A Cappella Jam!

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Cambridge Families of Color Coalition (CFCC): Community Gathering

Cambridge Families of Color Coalition (CFCC): Community Gathering
Tuesday, December 14 | 6:30-8PM
Register here >>

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HBCU Student Panel on Thursday

CPS HBCU Student Panel - 12/16

December 16 | 4-7PM

Meet current HBCU students (CRLS Alum) as well as former HBCU alum. Come ask questions, share and hear experiences and learn about exciting opportunities! Scan the QR Code to register.

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Cambridge Families of Asian Descent (CFAD) Upcoming Meeting

Thursday, December 16 | 7:30-8:30PM
The Cambridge Families of Asian Descent will hold their next meeting on Thursday, December 16. CFAD is a group of parents, guardians and caregivers who advocate for the increasing visibility fo Asian-Americans in the school curriculum and community.

Register here >>

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CRLS Library Book Share

CRLS Library Book ShareDecember 21 | 3-4PM | CRLS Library
On Tuesday, December 21st, the CRLS Library will be hosting a Book Share for staff and students. There will be free books, music, and activities. Unlike a book swap, you don't have to give a book to get a book. All you have to do is show up! The event will take place in the CRLS Library from 3-4PM.

You can help support the Book Share by donating gently used books to the CRLS Library. We'll take anything you've got: fiction, nonfiction, middle-grade books, picture books, graphics, etc. Please drop the books by the library anytime before the event on December 21st.

Hope to see you there!

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Drumming & World Jazz Ensemble

Watch video preview >>

I085 Drumming and Percussion
Great for everyone! Improve your sense of rhythm.

I040 Drumline/Percussion Ensemble
Drumming, piano, guitar, bass, marimba. Play as an ensemble!

Drumming Club
Join us EVERY FRIDAY @ 3PM after school!

World Jazz Ensemble
Watch video preview >>

I040 World Jazz Ensemble
Vocals, trumpet, sax, clarinet, flute strings, piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion. Play as an ensemble!
World Jazz Ensemble
Contact Info: Guillermo Nojechowicz or stop by Room 0606.

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Do you need FREE food for the holidays or a warm winter coat?

Do you need food for the holidays or a warm winter coat? English:
I have food, winter clothing, hygiene products, school supplies and a laundromat!

Don't be shy, come on by! Go to room 1104 (just outside the main cafeteria).

You can email Greta Hardina or call at 617.349.6660 for more information.

Haitian Creole:
Bonswa tout moun,

Mwen swété ke kòmansman ane lekòl la pralé byen pou ou. Mwen vlé ke nou konnen makèt lekòl la ouvè ankò ane sa a. tout moun envité nan lè lunch yo e aprè lekòl lagé, ou ka pase. Nou genyen tout bagay pou ou gratis, tankou manjé, pwodwi ijyèn, dokiman pou lekòl, avèk rad. Ou kapab fè w ti pasé nan chanm 1104, devan gwo kafeteri a. Tanpri pa timid, tout moun envité!

Hola a Todxs,

¡Espero que el año escolar vaya bien! Queremos anunciar que el “Falcon’s Market” está abierto de nuevo por el año nuevo y todos son bienvenidos. Por favor, venga en su tiempo libre (puede ser durante el almuerzo o después de las clases). Tenemos recursos disponibles para ustedes como comida gratis, productos higiénicos, materiales escolares y ropa. Venga por el salón 1104, afuera de la cafetería.

¡No sean tímidos, todos son bienvenidos! Gracias!

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Native Plant Plug Sale

Native Plant Plug Sale organized by the CRLS International Sustainability & Development Club, in collaboration with the Cambridge Plant & Garden Club and other passionate native plant gardeners

Want to Buy a Holiday Gift and Help the Planet at the Same Time?
Insect and bird populations are falling in the US partly due to a lack of native plants. Birds and insects play a critical role in maintaining a stable ecosystem, by providing food to other species, and pollinating our crops. They require native plants for their survival.

This holiday season treat yourself or your loved ones with native plants to save birds, insects, and other species! Choose from a selection of 3 sun plants and 3 shade plants and pick up your plants in May. All plant plugs are one year old and have healthy root systems.

Order now here >>
More details >>

Choose 3 plants of a kind for $10!
Sun plants: Foxglove Beardtongue, Wild Bergamot or Bee Balm, Purple Coneflower
Shade plants: Eastern Red Columbine, Wild Geranium, Blue-Stemmed Goldenrod

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Message from Safety

The CRLS Lost and Found is located in the Safety office (main lobby). Please go to Safety to retrieve your lost belongings promptly. Every few months, Items that are not retrieved, will be donated to local charities- including Falcon's Market.

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COVID-19 Vaccine for CRLS Students

If you are a CRLS student and need the COVID-19 vaccine, schedule an appointment at the Teen Health Center! We will be offering appointments on Fridays from 9AM-1PM at the Teen Health Center. The COVID-19 vaccine is FREE.

Call 617.665.1548 or walk-in to the clinic to schedule an appointment in person. NO WALK-IN APPOINTMENTS, you must schedule in advance.

  • Anyone 12-15 years old must come to the appointment with a parent/guardian.
  • Anyone 16 -17 years old may come alone but must have two signed consent forms (one from the state and one from CHA)*.
  • Anyone 18 years old and above may come alone.

*You can either pick up the consent forms from Teen Health OR you can print them out here:

If you have any questions, please call 617.665.1548

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COVID19 Information

CRLS 2021-22 Semester 1 Covid Safety Check Schedule

Monday - Thursday | 8:15-11:15AM | CRLS Media Cafeteria
Testing is available to all students in the Media Cafe. 
Students participating in testing must have signed consent forms on file. Please complete your COVID19 testing form here!

CPS COVID19 Information
From the beginning of the pandemic, CPS has prioritized safe, in-person learning and made significant investments in a comprehensive plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19. More details >>

Get your 1st, 2nd or booster Jab!
Upcoming COVID Vaccine Clinics near you! 
More details >>

COVID19 PCR Testing
The City of Cambridge offers free COVID-19 PCR testing 4 days per week for those who live or work in Cambridge. At all City of Cambridge sites, testing is available to children and adults of all ages. View schedule >>

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Cambridge School Volunteers (CSV)

CSV is excited to return with in-person tutoring support for the CRLS community.

Drop-in Math Center - Before school (8-8:30AM)
Room 2403
Come by any day for support with all levels of math--no pre-registration required.

Subject-based Tutoring Services - Before school (8-8:30AM) or after school (3:15-4:15PM)
Room 2403 (before school) or Room 2407 (after school)
Meet one-to-one with a tutor once a week to receive support with one or more academic subjects and/or test preparation.

College and Career Mentoring Program - Wednesdays (3:15-4:15PM)
Career & College Resource Center (CCRC), Room 1501
Meet one-to-one with a mentor once a week to explore and plan for your post-secondary life. This can include career and college research, college admission essay help, scholarship application support, etc.
First session: October 20

Request a CSV tutor or mentor >>
Become a CSV Volunteer >>

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Megan Andres, CSV's Director of High School Programs, or James Duche, Tutoring Center Manager at 617.349.6794

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Spring Driver's Education Class Registration Information

Tuesday, March 22 | 3:05-5PM | Auto Garage (456 Broadway)
The CRLS Drivers Education Program is a state approved program that serves the Cambridge community and is led by Mr. Bill Timmins. A Winter Driver's Education Class will not be offered this year. 

More details >>
Please fill out registration form >>

If you have any further questions, please contact Bill Timmins at 339.223.0163.

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Job Opportunity for Students 

12 weeks of paid, in-person workshops after school beginning in March, located near Central Sq!  Includes a paid internship at Old Navy in the summer. For ages 16-24 (must be 16 by May 14). 


More details >>

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Beaver Works Summer Institute (BWSI) Summer 2022 Program 

The Beaver Works Summer Institute is pleased to announce that we are planning on 13 virtual program offerings for summer 2022. More details >>

Nominating students for the MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute (BWSI) 2022 Summer Program prerequisite online courses is now open! This year, students will also have the opportunity to self-nominate/register.

For more detailed information on application process: please visit our website. More details >>

Read Frequently Asked Questions here >>

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FREE Virtual Immigration Legal Screening Clinics

The Virtual Immigration Legal Screening Clinics are held on the third Wednesday each month. This clinic is a free virtual immigration clinic provided by skilled immigration attorneys.

Please scroll down to "Other Resources." Information available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Somali, Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, and Chinese. More details >>

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Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee Resource

Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (CEOC) is Cambridge’s anti-poverty agency. Our mission is to empower people and mobilize resources to fight poverty’s causes and impacts through education and organizing.

View services >>
(Available in Amharic, Haitian Creole and Spanish)

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McLean Hospital 2021

Mental Health and The Holidays
According to the American Psychological Association, 38% of people surveyed said their stress increased during the holiday season, which can lead to physical illness, depression, anxiety, and substance misuse. We’ve identified six common issues that come up this time of year, as well as suggestions from our mental health experts for ways to address them.
More details >>

Testing New Treatments for Opioid Use Disorder
A partnership between McLean researchers and Nobilis Therapeutics is testing xenon gas as a treatment approach to rapidly reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms. It is hoped that the treatment could eventually help reduce unprescribed opioid use, which often leads to overdoses and deaths.
More details >>

Lived Experience: Finding a Reason To Fight for Life
Ramya’s South Asian heritage and community focuses on a culture of competition and achievement. When caring for one's mental health is sacrificed for seeking success, the results can be catastrophic. After moving around the world, getting help, and working through shame and guilt around mental health, Ramya wishes she had fought through the stigma and reached out for help earlier, but she’s there now.
More details >>

Supporting Kids & Teens on the Autism Spectrum
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is diagnosed in one in every 54 children, impacting each person in different ways. In the same way that each of us is uniquely human, individuals with autism are unique in how they are affected by their ASD. Because so many of us are neurodiverse, it is urgent to understand what a child or teen might be experiencing in a world not necessarily designed for those with ASD.
More details >>

Learn From World-Renowned Mental Health Experts–For Free!
McLean Hospital recognizes the need for reliable and helpful mental health resources. Join individuals from over 100 countries who have learned from leading experts in psychiatry and psychology. All webinars are free in hopes of promoting healthy individuals and communities.
More details >>

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Brunch & Ball Program

Every 3rd Sat from November - June 2022 | 1-3PM
Cambridge Location: Moses Youth Center, 243 Harvard St 02139
Boston Location: Roxbury YMCA, 285 M.L.K. Jr. Blvd 02119
Brunch & Ball program gives students an opportunity to hear from speakers from all walks of life, enjoy free brunch, and friendly competitive basketball games against officers, leaders in the community and members from the fraternity. Open to all students at Putnam Ave and in CPS. The program will be held every 3rd Saturday of the month in 2 locations - Cambridge and Boston. Sign up here >>

Brunch & Ball

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Shredded carrots & edamame mixed with italian dressingHealthy Snack of the Week

Shredded Carrots & Edamame mixed with Italian Dressing.

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Questions? Comments? Concerns?

For more information on DYK, please contact Greta Hardina, CRLS family Liaison.

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CRLS Events & Reminders

CFCC Community Gathering
December 14

COVID19 Vaccine Clinic
December 15

Third Thursday Open Mic
December 16

CFAD Meeting
December 16

Winter A Capella Jam
December 18

CRLS Library Book Share
December 21


Student COVID-19 Vaccinations
Families can submit via the Family Portal. Students ages 18+ may submit their information through a special student link via the Family Portal. More details >>
Teen Health Center Hours
Mon. - Fri. | 8AM-3:30PM
Questions? Call 617.665.1548

Do you need a student ID?
Mon. - Fri. | 8-8:30AM
Go to the Security Office in the main lobby.

Youth Employment Center 
can help you with finding jobs, job apps, resume & interview prep! Open every day during all lunches and Tuesday & Wednesday after school in room 2101 (Other times by appointment.)
More details >>

Falcon's Market OPEN!
Falcon's Market is open for students and families. Please go to Room 1104 (just outside the main cafeteria). More details >> 

CEATVCEATV Weekly Highlights
December 13 - 19, 2021
Schedule & Streaming >>

SmartTV 98

What’s Up Cambridge: CRLS Improv Show (Live)
Thu. 7PM

Game of the Week: CRLS Basketball vs. Lincoln-Sudbury Regional (Live)
Fri. 7PM

Spot On: Brahms Piece Performed by Bennett
Mon. 8:30PM & Sat. 10:30AM

Reeling: The Movie Review Show (New Episode!)
Wed. 6PM & Fri. 6PM

School Committee Virtual Roundtable Meeting 12/14/21 (Live)
Tue. 6PM

School Committee Regular Meeting 12/7/21 (Re-Broadcast)
Mon. 6PM & Wed. 6PM

NASA TV Highlights: SpaceCast Weekly 12/10/21 (New!)
Sat. 2PM & Sun. 4PM

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