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Published on Nov 3, 2017 11:42

November 2017
international fest

International Festival 

International Night on October 27th was a giant party once again! We had a potluck with food from all over the world, crafts and games from Mexico, Israel, Ghana, and Cote d'Ivoire, World Cup soccer thanks to Ms. O'C and her fifth grade assistant coaches, and a surprise puppet show in Spanish performed by Vice Principal Headley and our new Spanish teacher, Alisa Convers! The evening ended with an interactive dance session with Gund Kwok, a family troupe who performed music and dancing from China.

About World Language at Morse School
Hello! My name is Elisa Convers. I am the new elementary Spanish teacher at the Morse and Peabody schools. I am very excited at this opportunity and I know that your children will have a fun and rewarding experience in the Spanish class. I am a native from Colombia, South America and am extremely passionate about the study of languages and culture. I cannot wait to inspire my students to develop a love for the lifelong learning of Spanish, my mother tongue, and other world languages!

Besides teaching Spanish, I have taught art. Art is another great passion in my life. From film to painting to writing, I enjoy creating and teaching art as it allows for a full nuanced expression of self. I have no doubt that it makes me a better Spanish teacher. I have several hobbies. I love biking and I actually commute to school by bike. Living in such a naturally rich and diverse ecosystem as New England, I like to go swimming in the wild. I also practice yoga and meditate 'almost' daily. Mindfulness has added balance and joy to my life. Finally, there is nothing more important than friends and family, and I cherish my time with them.

be internet awesome

Be Internet Awesome! 
Fifth graders at the Morse School are practicing how to be Internet awesome! Google's new Digital Citizenship curriculum teaches students to be smart, alert, strong, kind, and brave online. Students engage in thoughtful activities around Internet use and then play a game in teams to reflect and practice! More info and play the game >>

Kindergarten B7 Helping with a Kindness Project
Kindergarten B-7 has been working together on a Kindness project. We have been decorating lunch bags to share with homeless people. Liam’s Lunches of Love can still use your help to share food and cheer with homeless people right here in Cambridge! How will you decorate your bags to share? Teachers, students, and families, please check with Liam Hannon in Fifth Grade or Mr. K. in Kindergarten B-7 to help! Donations for supplies are still being accepted online! Contact Mr. K for more information [email protected].

Rooms E5 & E7 Experience Orienteering 
Fresh Pond Orienteering
By: Lily Smolen, Grade 5 Student

On Tuesday, October 24th Ms. Jeram and Ms. Bishop’s 5th grade classes went on an Orienteering field trip to Fresh Pond. Each class had groups of 4 or 5 kids and a chaperone. We had to orienteer a map to find controls throughout fresh pond. Some controls were on flag tape hanging from trees deep in the woods (letter controls), that had envelopes with puzzle pieces in them. Other controls were flags with numbered punch cards placed around the pond. Each group had three assigned letter controls, (envelopes hanging from trees) and all groups had to get the number controls placed all around the park, by orienteering our map. There were two extra letter controls that were up for grabs for any group to find, so everyone wanted to be the 1st one to find them!. We raced around Fresh Pond for about an hour, orienteering our maps and looking for controls! Some of it was in the forest and some of it was on open land. We all had different jobs and each one was very important. There was a map holder who had to orient the map, compass holder, facilitator, icon director, and lastly the control holder. We all worked as a team to find the controls. When finished orienteering few people opened up the envelopes and inside were puzzle pieces. For each class the puzzle pieces showed a modified quote from a 5th grade read aloud, Bud, Not Buddy. After lunch, everybody in both classes found a partner and we got to do a another activity where we had to orienteer a map to find numbered controls. We raced to see who could do this the fastest. The challenge was not punching the decoys. This was a very fun experience and I hope that we do it again.

fire station visit

Room B8 & A1 
On October 27, Room B8 Junior Kindergarteners and Room A1 Kindergarteners visited the Central Square Fire Station! We were greeted by Firefighter Kyle, the father of Morse students Izzy (2nd grade), Ollie, (1st grade), and Harper (Junior Kindergarten)! Students got to sit in a fire truck, learn about some fire gear, and ask some questions. Below are some of the things the students learned or remembered:

–I liked seeing all the gear
–I remember the fire pole
–I liked it when Harper’s dad went down the pole
–I saw the fire hat
–Harper’s dad was at the fire station with his friend, and he showed us the pole and the kitchen.
–I liked when the guy pulled open the door
–I saw the fire truck with flashing lights
–The firefighter clothes were silly.
–We saw the fire van
–We saw the firefighter dress up in his clothes
–I liked it when my dad went down the pole
–I learned they have wheels like cars
–I learned that they use so many tools and fire trucks, and when they are done at the fire, they wash their clothes
–They go down the pole fast
–I remember that the funny suit helps them get people out of the smoke when it is dark and there is an alarm so that if he falls in the smoke his friends will help him
–We saw the fire truck
–The fire truck was big and had lots of lights and black wheels
–The firefighter dressed up in clothes
–I liked the fire truck

Photos: Firefighter Kyle; Thank you firefighters!


Friday, November 3
6 - 8PM

FMS Movie Night

Friday, November 10
No School: Veterans Day

Monday, November 13 
Friends of Morse Meeting

Thursday, November 16
6 - 8PM

Parent Conferences

Wednesday, November 22
Early Release Day

Thursday & Friday, November 23 & 24
No School: Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, November 30
Picture Retake Day

Friday, December 1
6 - 8PM

FMS Movie Night

Wednesday, December 6
6:30 - 8PM

School Council Meeting

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marker recycling

In the first month and a half of school, Morse teachers, students, and families have recycled 275 markers! The first shipment has been sent off to Crayola, looking forward to many more!

In a Dads' Shoes
November 9 | 5:30 - 7:30PM
Fletcher Maynard Academy
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Mindfulness / Conciencia Plena
Strengthening our families & reducing family stress
Fortaleciendo nuestras familias y abordando el estrés
Mondays: November 13, 27, December 11
Amigos School
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