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School Registration: What is Next?

Students may not be enrolled in school until they have submitted all required documents to the Student Registration Center in person. Following are a few frequently asked questions.

How are elementary school assignments made?
The school assignment process varies by grade level, time of year, and whether your child is registering for the current school year or the following September.

If your child is registering for the current school year and has completed the registration process and all required immunizations, he or she will be assigned to school within 48 hours. We will work with you to establish your child’s start date and connect you with your child’s new school.

Registration for the following September (This registration period opens on the first business day in January each year for school entry the following September.):

  • Students registering for Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten in the month of January during the January Lottery will receive their school assignments in March.
  • Students registering for Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten during the second cycle (between February 1 and the date the January Lottery assignment letters are mailed) will receive their assignments in May.
  • Students registering for Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten after the second cycle will receive a school assignment within a few weeks. Students registering closer to the start of the school year will receive an assignment more quickly.
  • Students registering for Grades 1-8, to begin school the following September, will receive their school assignments during the month of August.

At the end of this process, most students will receive one of their three school choices. However, some schools will fill up in one or both assignment categories.

What is the school assignment process for the high school?

  • The SRC will fax your child’s immunization records to Teen Health at CRLS (459 Broadway). Teen Health will inform us whether or not your child’s vaccinations are up-to-date. Vaccinations must be up-to-date before we can enroll your child into CRLS. If your child needs additional immunizations, we will notify you directly.
  • The SRC will fax the Records Release form to your child’s school, collect your child’s records, and forward them to the CRLS Registrar.
  • If your child has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), a member of the OSS staff at CRLS must review your child’s IEP before we can begin the enrollment process. Once this has been completed, the OSS staff member will notify us.
  • If your child has a discipline record, CRLS Security must review this record before we can begin the enrollment process. Once this has been completed, Security will notify us.
  • After all of 1-4 above is complete, we will enroll your child.
  • Then, we will inform CRLS via e-mail that your child is enrolled and will send your child’s cumulative records to the CRLS Registrar.
  • Once Mary Ann Kowalski, CRLS Registrar, receives your child’s cumulative record and reviews it, she will contact you, either via the post or an e-mail, informing you of your child’s learning community and guidance counselor.
  • You will then need to contact the guidance counselor directly to set up an appointment with the guidance counselor to create a schedule of classes.

What if my child has not completed all of the required immunizations?
If your child’s immunization record is not complete when registering for the current school year, your registration may not go forward and your child will not receive a school assignment until the immunization record is complete. Further questions may be directed to the School Nursing Program.

If your child’s immunization record is not complete when registering for the next school year, your registration can still go forward and your child will receive a school assignment. However, immunizations must be completed before the first day of school. Further questions may be directed to the School Nursing Program.

How can I arrange after-school childcare?
You will want to research the childcare options that are available at your child’s school. More information can be found on the CPS website or in the back of the Schools at a Glance brochure. The Department of Human Services’ website contains a list of many after-school options, organized by neighborhood. After you receive your assignment, the Family Liaison at your child’s school may also be able to advise you about your options.

How do I apply for Free or Reduced Price meals for my incoming student?
The form you filled out during the registration process was for registration purposes only and did not qualify you for this benefit. You must re-apply for this benefit every year, and will receive an application in late August or early September. Please contact Food & Nutrition Services for more information.

When will I learn about the bus?
In late August, the transportation department will send you a letter stating whether your child is eligible for transportation and if so, the location of the bus stop. Once your child starts school, students in grades JK-2 will receive a yellow bus tag which will be completed at the school, indicating where child goes after school and listing emergency contacts.

For their safety, Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten children sit in the front of the bus. A monitor is on the afternoon bus as well as the driver. The morning bus will be met at the school by a designated staff member who will help your child go to the correct location. Each bus has an animal picture in the front of the bus which can help your child identify and learn this is his/her bus. For more information, please contact the transportation department.

When will my child get to meet their teacher?
Each school notifies parents about teacher & classroom assignments. The timing of this notification will vary from school to school. The first two days of the regular school year are not school days for Junior Kindergartners/Kindergartners. All schools use these two days to hold small group or individual orientation sessions with parents and Junior Kindergartners/Kindergartners. Your child’s new school will send you more information.