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Summer Learning Opportunities

Offered in CPS
Developmental Designs, June 25-28 (for teachers in grades 6-10)
Teaching and learning are weakened by misbehavior, lack of a safe, inclusive community, and students feeling disconnected in school. The practices in the Developmental Designs approach are designed to meet adolescent needs by addressing these key elements of effective teaching. We are offering Development Designs 1 and 2 for middle school teachers and a new course: Development Designs for High School teachers. All will be held at the Rindge Avenue Upper Campus, June 25-28.

Studying Skillful Teaching, July 9-12 at the Haggerty School
This is Research for Better Teaching’s cornerstone program for building teachers’ capacity – the knowledge and skills as well as the courage and conviction - to promote students’ motivation, learning, and increased achievement.

Responsive Classroom Course, July 30 - August 2, 2019, with one additional date TBD in the fall.

Offered Outside of CPS

  • Gender Matters Institute at Harvard 

  • DESE Sponsored PD Opportunities Links

  • Multiple options for History Learning through the National Endowment for the Humanities.

  • Democracy and Its Discontents: Interpreting Controversies over American Suffrage
    July 8-19, 2019 | 8:30AM - 12:30PM
    This year’s program, held at the Kennedy Library, will explore the changing landscape of American voting over time. In this historical moment when issues surrounding voting are again front and center, the Institute will delve into the diverse controversies over suffrage in the political and cultural spheres, past and present. More information on the JFK Library website >>

  • Playful Journey Lab: Summer Journeyer PAID Fellowship Details
    MIT’s newly established Playful Journey Lab will be opening up during the summer to a few fellow Journeyers in education. Applications are now open and are due by May 15th. Much like a fellowship program, Journeyers will be members of the lab, working on a combination of current lab projects and their own independent explorations. The goal is to create a community of practice where we build, play, experiment, and innovate in assessment and learning. The opportunity is for around 20 hours/week for 8-10 weeks during the summer, with a paid stipend. Applications are now open and are due by May 15th. See here for complete details >>

  • Critical Explorers Summer Workshop for Educators: Explore, discover, and design authentic learning experiences at the 3-day workshop August 6th-8th (Tuesday to Thursday), 8:30AM to 4PM, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cost: $495. This workshop is based on the teachings of Eleanor Duckworth and includes: curriculum developed by Critical Explorers, special discussion groups formed in response to your interests, (with topics such as writing, assessment, and thematic and interdisciplinary curriculum), and practical strategies for expanding and sustaining student investigations in your classroom, school, or district.

  • Teaching Tolerance Professional Learning in BOSTON, held at the Sheraton conference Center in Framingham:

    August 16, 2019 | Social Justice Teaching 101
    This interactive workshop helps teachers learn how to effectively implement anti-bias instruction in their classrooms. Participants will explore practical strategies for accomplishing academic and social-emotional goals side by side. They will discuss learning conditions that honor all identities and reflect diversity, equity and justice.

    August 17, 2019 | Facilitating Critical Conversations
    This interactive workshop will help teachers explore strategies for facilitating critical conversations with students and colleagues. Participants will engage in personal reflection and examine some common beliefs and biases that can affect their ability to engage in productive conversations. They will learn strategies for creating supportive learning environments that encourage risk-taking during critical conversations. Finally, they’ll investigate methods of teaching about implicit bias, race and other critical topics.