Sheltered English Immersion

Sheltered English Immersion instruction is specially designed for students who are limited in English. The program instructs students to speak, read, and write fluently in English. Certified English as a Second Language teachers use curricula and methodologies specifically designed to promote English language skills while teaching content area curricula.

This program prepares English Language Learners (ELL) to enter grade level mainstream or bilingual two-way and modified world language programs as soon as they are ready. Students are formally assessed three times a year to ensure that the goals of speaking, listening, and writing in English are achieved.

As a norm, students will spend one full school year in a Sheltered English Immersion classroom. Upon exiting from the Sheltered English Immersion Programs, ELL students will follow the Cambridge Public School Controlled Choice Policy in order to transfer to a school of their choice.

English Language Learners K-8

Graham & Parks: 1 - 5 for Sheltered English Immersion students;

Vassal Lane Upper School: Grade 6 - 8