Genesis Mariano Gonzalez

Not Pictured
Elementary School: Amigos School
Upper School: Amigos School
Upcoming Plans: College
Area of Study/Interest: Molecular/Cellular Biology
Career Aspiration: Physician

Favorite subject at CRLS
AP Calculus AB

Why is it your favorite subject?
I really enjoyed the group of students I got to share a year long course with and I always felt like I could grow in the class. My teacher always pushed me to exceed my expectations, and thanks to that I was able to rebuild my love for math.

Favorite CRLS Staff Person
Ms. Beaulieu

What makes that staff person so special?

Ms. Beaulieu is honestly the most understanding and supportive CRLS staff I've gotten the opportunity to spend quality time with every Wednesday morning. Having her as a freshman guidance counselor to then working with her on the NHS Leadership committee has allowed me to truly be myself around her. More importantly, she is a lifesaver (literally and figuratively) since she saved me after I ripped my jeans during the school day.  

Extracurricular activities, clubs, school-related activities

Swim team, BSU, Habitat for Humanity

What were some of the out-of-school time (O.S.T) programs that you participated in anytime between grades 6-12?
MITES Saturdays (formerly known as SEED Academy)

How did being enrolled in any O.S.T. program(s) contribute to your success both in and out of high school? 
After participating in MITES Saturdays continuously for over six years, I truly discovered my passion for science. I'm so grateful for all the connections, opportunities, and friends I was able to make through this 16-week yearly program that pushed me to think outside of the box. I gained lots of valuable skills about presenting in front of audiences, learning how to problem solve issues I'm confronted with, and advocating for my needs. All the skills I worked on during my time at MITES made me into a more successful student and I would recommend the program to anyone interested in STEM.

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
What I like most about CRLS is the overwhelming amount of opportunities and resources that are available for students. Without programs such as the Lesley Early College program, the Equity Collaborative, or TA/Level- Up program the academic experiences I've been able to immerse myself in during my four years would completely change the leader I am today. I am thankful to these programs for pushing me out of my comfort zone to think about how to serve my community.

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why?
CRLS is diverse not just in the numerous courses it offers from core classes, electives, or technical arts pathways that provide many students with internship experiences, but it also provides a vast array of cultures that make learning at CRLS so comforting for many students. Filled with staff that look to support their students to the best of their ability, and guidance counselors leading them towards success, CRLS is a campus that is continuously looking for ways to grow, and create a positive school environment.

What advice would you give incoming freshmen about CRLS?
Don't look for perfection, look for what interests you. The most meaningful things come from genuine interest and not what sounds good on paper. Find your place and leave your mark!

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