Amy Kim

Not Pictured
Elementary School: Graham and Parks School
Upper School: Vassal Lane Upper Campus
Upcoming Plans: University of Michigan
Area of Study/Interest: Psychology or Neuroscience
Career Aspiration: Undecided

Favorite subject at CRLS
History/Social Sciences and Foreign Language

Why is it your favorite subject?
Whether it be from the past, present, or even predictions for the future, there are always perspectives unheard and unseen, that need uncovering. History connects us all together. It is always fascinating to see how different events, norms, and thoughts back in the day still affect society today. 

Similarly, social science is a field centered around people. I have always learned from people, and that is precisely why I want to learn about people. Seeing how psychological concepts can be seen in the way people interact with each other (such as misinformation effect or episodic memory), as well as the more scientific ways (for example, synapses firing and neurotransmitters that facilitate emotion regulation) brings a new light into how humans, as people, function and coexist. 

Learning a third language is a fun challenge, and learning Spanish with Profe Sucheck and Profe Hernandez made it all the more enjoyable. Not only was I able to learn the language in a grammatical sense, but I was also able to learn the cultures and communities associated with the many countries that speak Spanish; it broadened my perspective and how I see the world. 

Favorite CRLS Staff Person
Dr. Lam, Mr. Powers

What makes that staff person so special?
Once I got past the initial stage of being intimidated by Dr. Lam, I found that Dr. Lam is able to inject humor into her lessons while packing all the important information in what would be one nutrient-filled dinner, if her class was a meal. 

Mr. Powers is one of the most enthusiastic teachers I have ever met. Filled with passion for music and putting together a thrilling performance, he always believed in his students and brought laughter into each rehearsal. 

And of course, thank you to all the teachers that have taught me practical and valuable lessons on the subject and how to take the learned knowledge into other aspects of my life. 

Extracurricular activities, clubs, school-related activities

Pan Asian Club, Interact Club, Student Government, Students of Color Coalition, Falcon Band, Ultimate Frisbee, Freshmen Mentoring, Register Forum, National Honor Society

What were some of the out-of-school time (O.S.T) programs that you participated in anytime between grades 6-12?

How did being enrolled in any O.S.T. program(s) contribute to your success both in and out of high school? 

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
CRLS is very welcoming. The overall sense of community is really nice, but there also are smaller pockets of communities in classes, clubs, sports, etc. where I have met some of the most amazing people. 

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why?
When able to, try to TA for a class or take on an Independent Graduation Project/Senior Thesis class. These are unique opportunities where you can get hands-on teaching (as well as learning) experience and explore a topic you’re curious about in depth. 

Explore the VPA program! Even if you’re trying something for the first time, teachers and peers are super supportive and want to see you grow. 

What advice would you give incoming freshmen about CRLS?
Leave with no regrets and try new things (even the ones you wouldn’t normally try!). Explore your interests through the classes, clubs, sports, etc. offered at CRLS and beyond, but don’t forget to branch out beyond your comfort zone, even if it’s just a little bit. High school is a place for change. Don’t be afraid to see your interests, friend groups, and even yourself change and perhaps grow into something better than before. 

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