Organizational Support Strategies For Seventh Graders

Organizational Support Strategies For Seventh Graders
As we are all aware organizational skills for many young people as well as adults alike are a difficult skill to master. Here at Putnam Ave we take care and pride in helping our students get themselves organized. It is common teaching practice that the last 10 minutes or so of class be dedicated to organization, explaining homework directions, and even begin homework. The following is a rough guide that students and families can follow in order to see to it that students are well organized and successful each and every day.

The traits and characteristics of a successful student almost always begin with proper organization. A binder is a major factor in developing organization. By dividing subjects and giving space to documents that must be kept handy students can quickly and easily access any task. Keeping a class schedule not only in their lockers but also in a binder will help students navigate each day in advance. Another useful strategy is the use of a “study buddy”. Someone the students trust to help keep them organized, focused, and motivated. Study buddies can assist with forgotten homework, books, page assignments, and handouts.

Well organized students are often students that problem solve small small issues themselves, and who follow up on matters that affect their grades. By participating in class, being respectful to teachers, and taking responsibility students can quickly begin to take pride in their success and growth. Good organization means good notes, and good notes means good listening.

Lastly, a student's homework space should be as important as Superman’s “Fortress of Solitude”. It should be as permanent as possible, have no distractions, and be abundant in supplies. Computers of course are a major component to any organized students arsenal. The trick is to use it for more than instant messaging. They can be an excellent communication tool for study buddies, group project members, and teachers etc… They are helpful in word processing attractive reports and essays. And lastly they are vital for online resources like homework help, the schools website, and teacher webpages.

Setting goals is a big objective at Putnam Ave. and families can help by helping create them, motivating students to achieve them, and rewarding those successes.

7th Grade Town Hall
Every student at Putnam Ave. is part of an advisory group. For our first Town Hall, Advisories worked in groups to come up with a skit pertaining to the seventh grade theme of Decision-Making. Each group was assigned a scenario and was instructed to show both right and wrong decisions to make in dealing with the situation. From “constructive criticism” to “bullying” to “gossip”, students were given 45 minutes to work together and come up with a skit to share with the rest of the seventh grade. It was a good start to the year, and everyone got to see some great teamwork and leadership emerge from the groups.

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