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Lei-Anne Ellis
Early Childhood Director 

Birth to 3rd Grade Partnership
Cambridge Public Schools
135 Berkshire Street 
Cambridge, MA 02141

Cambridge Public School Kindergarten teachers want to hear from you!
Over the last two years, some educators filled out Kindergarten Transition Forms for children going to Kindergarten at Cambridge Public Schools. Kindergarten teachers found these forms helpful and would like to receive one for every child that comes to them!

Kindergarten Transition Form:
Please fill out a Google Kindergarten Transition Form for each child leaving your center to go to a CPS Kindergarten class, be it for Junior Kindergarten or regular Kindergarten..

What information do I put on the form?
The simple two-sided form asks for information that you already collect through observations and document in progress reports:

  • Languages the child speaks;
  • Health concerns;
  • Social-emotional and life skills;
  • Physical and self-help skills;
  • Approaches to learning and language; and
  • Services that the child might have received at your center or elsewhere.

Do parents need to consent?
Yes. Parents need to consent before you can submit a Kindergarten Transition form for their child. The permission form has 2 sections: one allowing you to submit the form and the other agreeing that you may talk to the child’s kindergarten teacher. Please print out and have parents sign both sections. Then file this form in the child’s file.

How does the Kindergarten learn about my program?

If you have not filled out a Program Profile in the past, please fill out a form. You only need to fill out the form once.

Thank you for helping us reach our goal of having 500 Kindergarten Transition Forms uploaded to CPS this year!

Maryann MacDonald
Assistant Superintendent
Cambridge Public Schools

Lei-Anne Ellis
Elementary Ed Early Childhood Director
Birth to 3rd Grade Partnership


We tried this about 8 years ago and it was not as successful as it could have been. Why will it work this time?
Last time, we manually sorted the forms and tried to get them to the school to which we thought the children were assigned. This time, we are directly uploading them to the Cambridge Public Schools’ ASPEN online student data system. This means that the form will be attached to the child’s student record no matter where the child ends up going to school.

Who developed this Transition Form?

The 26-members of the Birth to Grade 3 Alignment Leadership Team developed this form over approximately 10 months with input from both preschool educators and Kindergarten teachers. It has been revised based on the feedback received through a focus group and survey done in Nov. 2016.

Alert MessageHow will the Kindergarten teacher know that there is a Transition Form to look at?
When the Kindergarten teachers go into their classroom roster, they will see an “Alert”, shown below, on the child’s record header. (Please note that this is not an alert done for a real child, but just a sample.)

For which children should I do a Transition Form?
For any child leaving your center to enter a Cambridge Public School Kindergarten, be it a Jr. Kindergarten or regular Kindergarten class.

Do I do a Transition for a child going to the Tobin Montessori Program or the Fletcher Maynard Academy’s Scholars College?
No. Transition Forms are only being done for children going into a Cambridge Public School Kindergarten classes.

What could I say to a parent about why they should sign the Information Release section of the form?
The Transition Form helps their child’s next educator ease the child’s transition into a new and different environment. Share or post the 2018 Parent Handout that supports this request.

What if a parent doesn’t want to give us permission to share the Transition Form with the Cambridge Public School?
Parents have the right to refuse to share any information about their child with the Cambridge Public Schools (CPS). In this case, please report how many parents refused to have information shared with CPS so we know why we have not received forms for all the children entering CPS.

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