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Citizen's Guide to Public Comment

The School Committee meetings operate under rules which were adopted to improve information to the public, make it easier for parents, guardians and the public to both follow and comment on issues before the Committee, and make meetings more accessible to the public.


Public Comment is the first item of business on the Agenda. During this period, the public may comment on any item which is on the School Committee's Agenda for that meeting. Copies of the Agenda are available for the public to review on Thursday evening before each meeting at the School Committee Office (459 Broadway), the City Clerk's Office at City Hall, the main branch of the Cambridge Public Library and on the School Committee website.

Citizens who wish to speak to the Committee on Agenda items may sign up to speak by signing up before the meeting beginning at 5:45PM. Alternatively, an individual may email, fax or mail written comments to the attention of the Executive Secretary to the School Committee for inclusion in the record in lieu of appearing to speak during the public comment period. Individuals who wish to speak on the Educational Presentation may comment at this time.

Please note that, except in the case of an emergency, comments will not be heard on matters that are not on the Agenda. Those members of the public wishing to speak on issues that are not on the Agenda should contact Judith T. Martin, Executive Secretary to the School Committee, 459 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02138, with a written request. A date and time can then be assigned for such requests.