Transportation Safety Procedures

Safety Procedures During COVID-19
Please review the following safety information with your child so they will be ready to have a safe trip on their first day riding the bus.


Masks are Required:
On the bus, students, drivers and monitors (if present) must wear masks or face coverings. An emergency supply of masks and face coverings will be available on all vehicles, in case a student arrives without one. If a student removes their mask, this is a serious safety risk and parents will be contacted by the school to discuss strategies for keeping their child, the driver, and other children safe. A student’s refusal to wear a mask may be grounds for losing bus privileges.

Boarding Safely: When the bus arrives at a stop, students should move as quickly as possible to the back of the bus and sit in the last seat they find. Tape will be placed on seats to remind students to sit in a staggered pattern, one child per seat.

Make Sure Your Contact Information is Up to Date: Please make sure that the school has your current contact information and emergency contact information so that we can reach you when necessary.

Bus Stop Times are Approximate: Given Cambridge traffic conditions, the bus may run as much as 10 minutes early or late on a normal day. Please be sure your child is at the bus at least 10 minutes before their scheduled time.

No yelling, singing or changing seats. It is very important for students to remain quiet and calm. In addition to distracting the driver, loud talking, yelling and singing are known to more widely disperse infectious respiratory droplets.

Not Allowed On the Bus: Unauthorized adults, animals, playing music, throwing things, yelling, changing seats, removing masks, distracting the driver, blocking the driver’s view.

Seatbelts should be worn: Students should buckle their seatbelts, just like in their own home vehicle. For safety, the monitor will not be able to assist them in most cases, so please practice at home if this is a challenge.

Someone must meet students in Grade 2 or younger at the bus stop. If the child does not recognize any adult or older sibling who is there to pick them up, they will stay on the bus until they can be dropped off at the Safety and Security Office at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (459 Broadway, Cambridge). Someone will contact you, and you can also call the Safety/Security office at 617.349.6772.

A yellow bus tag must be worn on the bus. Teachers will provide students with a yellow bus tag on their first day of school, listing their phone number and afternoon bus stoop
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