Substantially Separate Classroom Staffing

Each classroom is staffed by a certified Master's level Special Needs Teacher plus their Teaching Assistants. Speech and Language, Behavioral, Occupational, and Physical therapies are integral parts of the educational support. Additional staffing may be required based on the goals and objectives of each child's Individual Educational Program (IEP), and may include any required medical supports. Therapeutic experiences and strategies are embedded in all student activities. As the students in our substantially separate classrooms have abilities that require individualized attention to teaching, ongoing consultation between classroom teams and therapists takes place on a regular basis to maximize student learning.

Parent involvement is a vital component of the program. The classroom staff is committed to working together with parents to support children’s learning. Regular support and communication is provided with opportunities for home/school programming and parent training around the IEP goals. Special Start is committed to optimizing students’ growth and development in all areas.