Welcome to Special Start

Dear Parents, Family Members, and Friends,

Welcome to Special Start, the preschool special education component of the Cambridge Public Schools Office of Student Services! We are pleased to introduce you to a committed group of professionals on our staff who look forward to supporting you and your child as you seek help from our program. We provide an array of services for three and four year old children which include:

  • Screening
  • Evaluations
  • Development of Individualized Education Programs
  • Walk-in-therapy
  • Direct instruction, in inclusionary, integrated and substantially separate settings
  • Other services as deemed necessary through the team evaluation process.

Our classrooms have innovative curricula with individualization provided based on each child's growth and development. Children are placed in our classrooms through the team evaluation process and the development and acceptance of an Individual Education Plan (IEP), or through the application process. We are committed to meeting the needs of all children in our diverse community and to following legal mandates and the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care's Preschool Learning Experiences Guidelines. Our special education service delivery is also based on solid research and on evidence based practice and we are proud of the quality of programming we provide.

On behalf of all the professionals of Special Start, we look forward to supporting you and your child through the various aspects of our programming. Please look through our website for more detailed information, and if you have questions, pleased contact us at 617.349.6850 or 617.349.3251.


The Special Start Staff