Special Start

Welcome to Special Start, the preschool special education programs and services of the Cambridge Public Schools, Office of Student Services.

Our offices are located at;

Special Start
The Longfellow Building
359 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139

Fax: 617.349.6064

Shelagh Kelly Walker, 617.349.6502

Preschool Psychologists and IEP Chairs
Jennifer Turner, 617.349.6628
Beverly Seidenberg, 617.349.6997
Christiana Hryb, 617.349.6792

Special Educator to Early Intervention and Preschool Screenings
Jeannie Parkus, 617.349.3252

Elizabeth Rollins, Lead Teacher
Margie Carlman, Lead Related Service Therapist

Preschool Related Service Providers (SLP, OT, PT, Inclusion Specialist and BCBA) can be reached at 617.349.6883.

Special Start provides services for preschool aged children requiring special education, which include: screening, evaluation, development of Individualized Education Programs, walk-in-therapy, direct instruction in inclusionary, integrated and substantially separate classrooms and other services as deemed necessary through the team evaluation process. Typical learners are enrolled in our integrated classrooms through the annual Application Process.