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CPS Bus Tracker

Enter Bus TrackerThe CPS Bus Tracker monitors the location of school buses as they travel their routes across the city. By going to the Bus Tracker webpage, you can see how close the bus is to the bus stop. Bus Tracker is available on all routes except for the Green Clover, which we hope will be up and running very soon.

To get started:

  1. Have your child's Student ID# handy.  (Call the school if you don't have it)
  2. Click New Account and go though the steps.
  3. Click on Enter Bus Tracker to start tracking the bus
  4. Using your phone or tablet? Create a shortcut on your home screen to make logging in easier.

Check out the User Guide for instructions and troubleshooting.

Tip: The estimated arrival time in Bus Tracker can become increasingly inaccurate in worsening traffic. The map view provides the most accurate view of the bus’s location. Use the refresh button to see the bus move along its route.

Bus Tracker Service Information: Bus Tracker is available on 32 CPS bus routes but, is not currently available on the following:

  • Black Seal
  • Celtics
  • Gold Lion
  • Green Alligator
  • Green Clover
  • Patriots
  • Red Sox
  • Revolution
  • White Wolf

We are working to restore or add bus service to these remaining routes, and apologize for any inconvenience. We are also reviewing services that would provide GPS tracking to mini-bus and van service.