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    First Day of School 
    Back to SchoolWhen we all noticed that Labor Day was late this year, we felt a sense of relief and confidence that the first day of school would likely feature one of those beautiful cool autumn weather patterns. Not so much, as it turned out.

    I had the great fortune of spending yesterday driving around the city and visiting every school building, to check on conditions and wish people a great start to the new school year. Here is what I experienced: I saw adults and kids going about their business as if the heat did not matter at all. Of course, everyone had a comment about it, but the overwhelming sentiment was that people were happy to be back, looking forward to a terrific year, and realizing that soon enough they would be complaining about the snow and cold in January so they might as well enjoy the warmth in September.

    I saw principals and teachers who jumped right back into their work, from competently managing an array of nitty-gritty issues to establishing norms and routines, and from greeting families in front of the school to starting to educate children in classrooms. At CRLS I watched some upperclassmen offer building tours to incoming freshmen, acquainting them not only with the physical layout of the big school building but also offering them tips and advice on how to succeed in high school.

    Back to SchoolParticularly impressive was the obvious excellent work of our school custodians and maintenance staff. This year, like every year, these outstanding people did a remarkable job of getting the buildings ready for the return of staff and students. Our clerks, who quietly dispatch the duties of their office, which, on the first day, include reviewing all kinds of lists and data, were cheerful and efficient. Every school was clean and organized, and everyone was ready to go.

    All in all, we had a smooth opening, despite the heat. I am so proud and appreciative of our professional and support staff for bringing the knowledge, skills and (especially yesterday, given the temperature) the good spirit to make Back-to-School an enjoyable and exciting time for all of our students and families.

    Welcome to the new school year, everyone!
    Posted by jyoung On September 09, 2015 at 2:16 PM