Disciplinary Policies

Transportation is a privilege.
Students who fail to comply with the rules may be suspended and/or removed indefinitely from his/ her bus if the violation warrants. More serious incidents may involve suspension from school and possible police action.

Bus Incident Report
The form will provide a record of infractions of the Bus Discipline Policy. All infractions that pose a threat to the safety of our students will be documented and copies will be forwarded to the parent/ guardian, school principal, the Transportation and Safety/ Security departments.

Infractions and Consequences
Level One: Reported on Incident Report form by the driver/ monitor: eating/ drinking on bus; refusal to stay in seat; yelling and shouting; failing to obey reasonable requests of driver/ monitor; bullying other children; pushing or shoving in line; possessing sharp objects; placing body parts or other items out the window; throwing objects out of window and littering on bus.

Level Two: All Level two infractions listed below are extreme and warrant no less than a five-day suspension from school bus privileges. In addition, the Principal will determine other disciplinary action under the Cambridge Public Schools Rights and Responsibilities: Threatening to attack another student; stealing or possessing stolen property; fighting or attacking another student; defacing and/ or vandalizing school bus; possessing a weapon or an object used as a weapon; possessing illegal substance (drugs, alcohol, etc.); possessing or lighting matches, lighter; any incident that violates Massachusetts General Laws or poses a threat to the safety of students.

All Level Two infractions require notification to the Director of Safety and Security; also, copies of notifications must be sent to Transportation Office.

Notification of Parent/ Guardian
The school principal will notify the parent/ guardian of a problem that the student is having on the bus; a copy of the Incident Report is provided for this purpose. A principal may determine when a meeting with parent/ guardian and the child is appropriate.

Level One, first offense: A copy of the Incident Report will be sent to parent/ guardian, and telephone contact will be made.

Level One, second offense: A letter will be sent to home with a copy of the Incident Report, and an office conference will be requested.

Level One, third offense: Suspension required; a letter is sent to the parent/ guardian, and an office conference requested.

Level Two incident: All offenses require suspension; a letter is sent to home; an office conference is required. The principal or Director of Safety and Security may proceed with further appropriate actions on serious incidents.
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