-Light and Color (Physical Sciences) F W S

-Magnets and Motors (Physical Sciences) F W S


-Grades 4, 5, 6

The Chemistry Place < >

High school and college level chemistry. Well-done site with interactive visuals, experiments, practice exams, current news. A Peregrine Publishers Site. Subscription required.

- Older Kids, Teachers

Chem4Kids <>

Good students site. Has information on light and electricity, as well as lots of other chemistry stuff.

-Kids, Teachers



Biology for Kids <>

Has tons of information about cells, chemistry, studies, ecology.

-Kids, Teachers






Science Activities

- Kids, Teachers, Parents

The Black Hole Gang <>

Stephen Kramer, author of numerous science books for young readers, such as How to Think Like a Scientist, has you click on his characters to discover their favorite topics, ranging from the rainforest to Leonardo da Vinci to the periodic table.

-Kids, Parents

Cool Sites for Curious Kids < >

Ever wonder what’s floating in the air? Check out this and more at this site

-Kids, Parents

Dragonfly <>

Site for kids of all ages who are more curious about science.


Helping Your Child Learn Science <>

This publication of the U.S. Department of Education gives parents not only the "Why" of the importance of helping children with science, but also some very cool "Whats"- simple science experiments with household materials.


MadScientist <>

Awesome webpage with lots of different science approaches. Allows students to ask any science question they want, and includes an archive of previously answered questions. Make sure to check out the Mad Labs, especially the edible experiments.

-Kids, Teachers, Parents

Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab <>

Tons of different experiments to perform at home.

-Kids, Teachers, Parents

Science for kids <>

This site includes some fooling around with polymer mixtures (a.k.a. Slime!).


Science Made Simple <>

Site for younger kids. Easy and hands on experiments that can be done at home. Great projects that are easy and need few materials.

-Kids, Parents

TryScience <>

Great site that has interactive activities, both on the web and off, that helps engage kids in science. Has tips for parents and teachers on how to facilitate this site. Needs Shockwave.


Whelmers <>

Site has activities designed to whelm kids =) For classroom setting, but interested students can perform them at home, w/ some supervision.

-Kids, Teachers, Parents

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet <>

From All you ever wanted to know about the grossest things on the planet.



Athena, Earth and Space Science for K-12 < >

A site for students and teachers K-12 to find resources and other interesting information about space, weather, the earth, the oceans, and other miscellaneous subjects. Focuses on internet resources.

- Kids, Teachers

The Children’s Museum in Boston < >

A great place to visit!

- Kids, Teachers, Parents

Dear Parents <>

Site for parents to post questions about their child’s progress. Has links to helpful sites, as well as a list of previously asked technological questions asked by other concerned parents.


Gadgets and Inventions <>

Site that answers how specific things work. Very fascinating


The Exploratorium <>

This "museum of science, art, and human perception" in San Francisco is a must visit site. Be sure to check out the Science Snacks in the Learning Studio, and the Science of Baseball in the Sport!Science pages.

-Kids, Teachers, Parents

Hands on Science Centers World Wide <>

Links to museums w/ interactive science education.

-Kids, Parents

Landforms Atlas of the United States < >

Maps (relief, satellite, old, black and white) of all the states as well as other interesting state links. Interesting for historical background.

- Kids, Teachers

The National Geographic for Kids <>

This visually well-designed site has some simple science experiments to try, as well as lots of great animal links.


Newton’s Apple Lesson Plans/Educational Material < >

Thorough alphabetical listing of classes for different specific topics in science.

- Teachers

Resources for Parent and Children <>

This site, sponsored by ERIC, includes links for minorities in science, including web pages in Spanish. Be sure to click on the Homework Companion Links for LOTS of great web resources.

-Kids, Parents




Great Sites <>

The American library Association brings parents a select list of over 700 terrific sites for children. It includes lists of award-winning books and resources for children.


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