Grade 6

Language Arts

Social Studies

Biographies for Black History Month Fasttmath World Landforms  
  A Math's Dictionary For Kids Yellowstone Science Links Collection
  Math Advantage Yellowstone wolves Interactive Light and Color Site
Grammer Practice on the Web Math Playground The Caves of Lascaux  
Fractured Fairytails Multiplication Games The British Museum Mesopotamia Artifacts  
BrainPop   Early Man  
Trading Cards General Coordinates Game Early Man/wanted posters  
Typing Learn Alberta Archaeology "The Mysteries of Catalhoyuk"  
  Math is Fun Archaeology  
Giggle Poetry Interactive Stuff Mesopotamia, Nubia Web & Ancient Egypt  
PoetryIdeas 321 Know Additional sites for Mesopotamia  
Biographies IXL Indus Valley  
America's Story Biographies Skill Builders Egypt  
Bio4Kids Sixth Grade Math Problems  Myths From Around the World
Typing Test   Ancient Greek Gods Webquest  
    Greek Sites  
    Greek Gods  
    History For Kids  
    Country Reports  
    "The Heat is On" A global warming Webquest  


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