George Washington's Breakfast

Mrs. Fantini, our LD tutor, recently finished reading, George Washington's Breakfast,by Jean Fritz with her third and fourth grade literacy group. The story was brought to life this December when the group ate breakfast just as George Washington had so many years ago. Students ate delicious hoecakes prepared by Marjorie Berger, our library media specialist and sipped cider from delicate tea cups while discussing the many pieces of factual information found in Jean Fritz's book. Some favorite facts that came up during the discussions were that George Washington had size 13 feet, 10 hunting dogs, 64 brass buttons on his uniform and lived in Mount Vernon. The students will use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast George Washington's breakfast with their own.

The table was elegantly set with china and teacups. Students were able to take home the beautiful napkin rings.

Marjorie prepared the batter for the delicious hoecakes. George Washington had three small hoecakes for breakfast each morning.

Mrs. Fantini served the students three pancakes, our modern day version of hoecakes. For those students who still had room, there were plenty of pancakes left for a second helping.

When everyone had been served it was finally time to eat. In between bites, students shared facts they had learned about George Washington from the book.

Mrs. Fantini poured each guest a cup of tea (cider) so they could be just like George! Students had learned that he enjoyed three cups of tea each morning with breakfast.

Thanks Marjorie and Mrs. Fantini, breakfast was delicious!!

Created by Kristin Bartolomeo, ITS Intern, December 2001