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Fastt Math


Haggerty Writing Guidelines Grades 4-6

Haggerty Kids, click here to download our Writing Template, or click here to see a picture of what your front page should look like.



Use this site to create your "Works Cited" pages.

Ms. Kramer's Ancient Greece Links

Mrs. Edwards' Endagered Species Sites

Kids' Planet
ARKIVE Threatened Species Site


Mr. Kuo's Activity Links

Third through fifth graders, check out these great Activities from Mr. Kuo!


Dance Mat Typing


Ms. Kramer's Egypt Links


Second Grade Math Practice


Ms. Kramer's Hominid/Olduvi Gorge links


Fifth Grade Explorers Resources



For our Sixth grade Spanish Learners!


Small Blueprinter

For our sixth graders' blueprint project.

Kathryn Lasky

Kathryn Lasky is a wonderful author who will be visiting the Haggerty on November 2, 2010. Check out her cool web site!


Order of Operations Video

For our sixth graders.



Enter in our Zip Code (02138) to find the weather conditions at the Tobin School!

Fantasy Sports Math

For our Fantasy Footballers in the fifth grade!


Math Fact Games

Fact games for our third graders.


Ad Mongo

4th through 6th Graders, check out this cool site that teaches us about the advertising that surrounds us!



6th Grade Early Humans Links


Olympic Medal Count

3rd through 6th Graders, follow your nation's medal count in the Winter Olympics here!


Olympic Videos


We Are Multicolored
Make your own flag that expresses who you are!



Kids, have fun while building your vocabulary and feeding the hungry!



Check out this fun website for picture, book, and movie creation!


Author Tony Abbot: Visiting Haggerty on January 27th 2010!


ARKIVE Threatened Species Site


States Game


Netsmartz Videos


Mr. Wrin's Weather Sites


Mrs. Russell's Class Explorer Site
Map Site

Ms. Cobin's Math Sites
4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade Learning Center

Ms. Kramer's Ancient Mesopotamia Web Sites


Election Resources
PBS Site
BrainPop Movie
Google Electorate Map

ARKIVE Threatened Species Site

For Mrs. Grady's Art classes.


KMZ Links

Check out these great Google Earth files which bring you to awesome places around the globe!

Second Grade Fraction Activities

Pizza Fractions Cross the River Cut the Cookies


Ms. Meadow's Dissection Links:



Ms. Meadow's Human Body Links:

Medtropolis Virtual Body
The BBC's Interactive Body

Tex and Sugar

First and Second Graders, check out this cool sliding puzzle as we await the visit of author Barbara Johansen Newman.

Counting Money

For our second graders...

Create-a-Graph Haggerty Student Data

Gaining Ground

Fourth graders, check out this site before your field trip!


Sushi Typing


Dance Mat Typing


Little Explorers

Check out their Picture Dictionary and other tools.


Stardate.org and The Weather Archive

For our fourth grade moon gazers!

Fraction Practice
Visual Fractions Fraction Practice Coolmath Fractions

Ancient China Links

History for Kids The British Museum


For our young authors in the Second Grade.

Wampanoag Information

Great Biodiversity Sites

The Wolf Hollow Web Site

For Mrs. Cournoyer's Second Grade

Ms. Norton's Persuasive Essay Links

Snowflakes under a Microscope



Gustafer Yellowgld's Site


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" Speech

The Great American Quest


Peace Corps Info


Kids, check out these new Practice Games:

Minus Mission Alien Addition Meteor Multiplication
Word Frog Word Invasion Verb Viper

The Changing Earth

Links for Mrs. Moloney's class


The Ecosystems of Iraq
For Ms. Meadow's science class.

4th Graders: Here are some Great Sites for State Research!

The US 50

Tigris/Euphrates Resources

Afghanistan Resources

Rivers Site

...for Ms. Moloney's fourth grade.

Mississippi Questions

...For Ms. Moloney's fourth grade.

Animal Adaptation

..for Ms. Blum-Smith's third grade.

Ms. Barker's Butterfly Links

Rainforest Alliance

For our kindergarten classes...

David Biedrzycki's Web Site

Here is the online "home" of our recent guest.


A great place for kids to search the web.

A Colonial Family and Community

This site is for Ms. Blum Smith's third grade.

The Journey North

For Ms. Meadow's Science Class.

Flags of the World

Third graders, find your country's flag right here!


Ms. Provensal's Template

For her second graders...

MCAS Math Practice

...for the 4th grade.

Second Grade Math Activities
Plus 10
Number Blocks

The Add 9 Fairy

Ms. Steven's Word Games:
Game One
Game Two
...for her reading group.

The Virtual Body

For Ms. Meadow's science classes.

Maya/Aztec/Inca Resources

This is the resource page for our fifth grade humanities unit.

Charles Sumner Links

For Ms. Kosko's Reading group.

Mt. Everest Resources

Place Value Activity

Four our fourth graders...

Middle East Geography

This is the resource page for Ms. Kramer's Social Studies Class


How do Hurricanes Start?

There's some great Hurricane information here on this BBC site.

Chinatown Link

For Ms. Moloney's class.

Online Databases

Kids, click here to search some great databases for information.

Haggerty Weather Links

These links are for Haggerty Kids learning about weather.


Plimoth Activity

Zoom Butterflies

For our second grade.

Ms. Blum-Smith's Census Link

Mrs. Cournoyer's Landforms site

This is for our second graders studying landforms.

Introduction to Eighteenth-Century Clothing

For Ms. Cebula's Social Studies class...
Click HERE for worksheet.

Google Maps

For Ms. Cebula's math Class

Chinese Dynasties Links

Ms. Bernardo's Marsupials

Jamestown Links

For the 5th graders studying colonial America.

Ms. Kramer's Islam Resources

Early African History

This site is for Ms. Cebula's Social Studies class.


Ms. Holcomb's Solar System Links

Great Solar System resources for the Third grade.

Mesopotamian Music

"Untitled" Hurian Hymn

Ms. Meadow's Magnetism Site

Ms. Blum-Smith's Reading Link

Tsunami Information for Kids

Viking Site 1
Viking Site 2

These sites are for Ms. Vieira's class studying Vikings.

Infinitum Poetry

This is the Poetry site for Ms. Cebula's reading group.

The Mesoamerican Ball Game

This site is for Ms. Cebula's Social Studies Class.

Ms. Vieira's Mayan, Incan, and Aztec Links

This page is for Ms. Vieira's Social Studies class.

Haggerty Human Body web sites

Ms. Meadow and Tuyo's class: Click here!

Ms. Gaillard's Geography Activities
Check out these interactive Geography sites!

Ms. Kramer's Indus Valley Links
Resources for Ms. Kramer's class studying the Indus Valley.

Ms. Kramer's Election Resources

Sixth graders, look here for your social studies research.


This is the site for Ms. Tuyo's class who are studying biomes.


Search the web with this search "engine" made just for kids like you!

Ms. Kramer's Pledge of Allegiance Resources

Pledge Resources for Ms. Kramer's reading group.


Room 104 Animal research

Hey room 104, click here to learn more about the animals you are studying!

The Underground Railroad

Click here for Ms. Kramer's Underground Railroad Resources.

Dr. Seuss Resources

Click here to go to fun sites celebrating the books of Dr. Seuss!

Bring History Home

Check out this cool activity where you take the role of a character in American History.

Exploring Mars

Check out the great "animations" in the bottom right corner of this page, or play the fun games on the "for kids" section!

Animal Research

Third Graders, click here to research your animal!


This is a more advanced search engine for the upper grades.


Atqasuk Resources

Learn more about where our Alaskan friends' habitat!

The Haggerty Weather Page

What's the weather in Cambridge right now?

Earth View

Plug in Coordinates to find different areas of the globe!

Butterfly Resources

For our second graders studying butterflies.

3rd Grade Rock Site!

This is a page for our third graders studying Rocks and Minerals.

European Explorers

This track is for the Fifth grade classes studying European Exploration.

Wilma Rudolph Resources

Built especially for room 212!

Colonial Products and Trade Map

For our Third Graders...

Medieval West African Kingdoms

A research Track for the 5th Grade.

West Africa: Maps

Trackstar Track for 5th Grade Social Studies.

Switzerland In Sight

Hey Third Graders, learn more about Switzerland on this great site.

Museum Loan Network

Go straight to the login page of the Museum Loan Network.


Start here to get to activities created by your teachers.

Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com

These work as well as the books do, maybe better!


Check out maps and overhead views of your neighborhood!


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