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CPS Online Waitlist System

Please be sure to read the Waitlist and Transfers section of our website, as this contains important information about the waitlist process and explains why waitlist positions may change. 
Please also read our Transfer Policy Clarification page.

Prior to every summer, there are changes to waitlist positions at some schools and in some grades, please read the the Waitlist and Transfers section of our website in order to understand why waitlist positions may change.

The Online Waitlist System for SY18-19 is now turned off while we prepare the waitlists for SY19-20.
By late March 2019, the SY19-20 waitlists for JK/K will be available.
By the end of April 2019, the SY19-20 waitlists for grades 1-5 will be available.

Learn more about CPS waitlists and the structuring of waitlists >>

PLEASE NOTE: If your waitlist information did not display and you know that your child is on a waitlist(s), or if you are concerned that your child's position is incorrect or not as you remembered, please note that the waitlist data may not yet be available to be viewed or that updates are yet to be completed. The system is updated frequently; however, sometimes it takes a couple of days for the data to be uploaded.

Three-Year-Old Programs
Please be advised that the waitlists for the Three-Year-Old Programs (Tobin Montessori three-year-olds and four-year-olds, Fletcher Maynard Academy Scholar College, and Special Start) are not available online, as these applicants will not have Student ID#s unless and until they are admitted to the Programs. Please call the SRC directly at 617.349.6551 or email the office for more information on the Three-Year-Old Program waitlists.

Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten
All new Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten families who participated in the January 2019 Lottery and all current CPS Junior Kindergarten families who renewed their waitlist positions for Kindergarten in September 2019 will have access to their waitlist status by the end of March 2019. January Lottery participants who did not receive their first choice of school will receive a letter from the SRC providing you with your child's Student ID#. You will need this to access the system. For our current families, this Student ID# is printed on some school district correspondence including bills from the Food Services department. You may also contact your child's school (family liaison or main office) to request your child's student ID. 

For Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten families who register their children after the January Lottery, your waitlist status will be available later in the spring. The SRC will send your student ID#s with your school assignment letters.

A Note about Waitlists Post-Lottery 2019
If you receive your first choice of school for your child, your child is not on any waitlist; therefore, if you use the Online Waitlist System, you will receive a message that "data is not available." Please do not worry.

For families who received their second, third, or no choices in the JK and K Lottery, if you receive the message that no data is available, please do call the SRC at 617.349.6551, as your child should be on a waitlist or two or three.

Grades 1 – 5
For all grades 1-5 families, including new-to-CPS registrants who registered from January 2, 2019 and onward, the grades 1-5 waitlists for September 2019 should be available at the end of April. These waitlists will continue to be updated with all transfer requests and new-to-CPS registrations. For our current families, you will need your child's Student ID# and date of birth to access the system. The Student ID# is printed on some school district correspondence including bills from the Food Services department. This number is also stored in your child's account if you use You may also contact your child's school (family liaison or main office) to request your child's student ID. New-to-CPS families may request their child's Student ID# by sending an email to Kathy Sampson.

After April 30, 2019, transfer requests and new-to-CPS registrations for grades JK-5 that are completed at the SRC will be added to the waitlists continuously throughout the rest of the spring, summer, and fall. Please allow two weeks for processing and updating the data between when you file your new transfer request or when you complete your new grades 1-5 registration with the SRC before you check your waitlist status online.

Grades 6 – 8
There are no waitlists for grades 6 – 8. Please review the information about registering for grades 6 – 8 and about the CPS Upper School Transfer Lottery.