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Long Distance Relocation

Each year, Cambridge welcomes many families into our community who are relocating to Cambridge for work or graduate school, or who are immigrating to the U.S. We recognize the special challenges involved in relocating your family from a long distance away and will work with you to make the experience as easy and understandable as possible.

The requirements for registering your child are the same as for any other student. You must provide documentation of your Cambridge address, and you must complete the registration process in person at the Student Registration Center before your child can start school.

To reduce the barriers for families who in the process of relocating, we will work with you to ensure a smooth transition for your family. Please keep in mind:

  1. You may submit a purchase & sales agreement or signed lease to establish your residency, in advance of moving to Cambridge. However, your child cannot start school until your move is complete. Families who do not have a copy of a signed lease but have been granted University housing may submit a letter from your University stating that they have secured your housing. The letter must indicate your Cambridge address and the dates of your lease/housing agreement.
  2. Families who are relocating from outside of the state of Massachusetts or Internationally submit their required supporting documents via email, or fax to establish your application date. However, we must examine the originals of these documents in order to verify the validity of your registration. As with all families who register, you must complete the registration in process by bringing these documents to the Student Registration Center once you have arrived in Cambridge.
  3. To establish your residency, you provide a utility bill (gas, oil, electricity) or documentation that utilities are included with your housing. You may do this by asking your University to specify that utilities are included as part of University housing, or by obtaining a letter from a utility company stating that you will be a subscriber and listing the date  when your utilities will be turned on.

The following contact information may be helpful to you:

Utility Type Company Telephone
Cable/Internet Comcast 888.633.4266
Electricity Eversource 800.592.2000
Gas Eversource 800.592.2000

If you are registering your child to enter during the current school year, we can make a school assignment soon after you arrive in Cambridge. If you are registering your child for Kindergarten starting in the fall, their school assignment will be able to proceed as soon as we receive your completed registration materials. Students entering grades 1-8 will receive their school assignments at the end of the summer, to allow us to accurately assess the number of openings at each school.

While there may be advantages in submitting your child’s registration in advance, particularly if you will be moving several months before the school year begins, many families wait to register until they arrive in the United States. Whenever you are ready, we are glad to answer any questions and assist you in completing the registration process.

For further guidance contact the Student Registration Center
Hours: Monday - Friday | 8:30AM - 3:30PM
Tel: 617.349.6551 | Fax: 617.349.6552 
Email the SRC

Staff are available to assist you during business hours all year long, except holidays.