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CPS Benefit Information

Health Insurance
Generally, employees working a regular schedule of 20 or more hours per week are eligible for health insurance coverage. Temporary employees and those employed under service agreements are not eligible for benefits. Substitute teachers are eligible for medical insurance after completing proscribed periods of employment as described in the union contract for those positions.

The City of Cambridge School Department offers the following plans to its eligible employees:

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2016 Benefit Summary

For additional information, you may access the websites for the individual plans by clicking on the above links.

If an employee is eligible for health insurance coverage through the City of Cambridge, but has alternative medical coverage (through a spouse’s coverage or other plan) which is not paid or sponsored by the City, he/she may be eligible to sign a waiver of participation in a City plan and be eligible to receive a stipend in lieu of health insurance coverage.

Dental and Vision Insurance
Employees may be eligible for participation in The Cambridge Public Employees Dental – through Delta Dental of Massachusetts - and Vision Fund.

In addition, most health plans provide some vision benefits to their members.

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Coverage Summary
Delta Dental PPO Premier Plus | Management/Administrators Delta Dental Premier

If you have questions about the Vision Reimbursement, please contact the Cambridge Public Employee Dental and Vision Fund (CPE D&V Fund) directly at 617.354.1110, email or visit their website to download the reimbursement form. 

The HR/Benefits Office does not provide these forms, you must contact CPE D&V Fund directly. 

Life Insurance
A basic $5,000.00 term insurance policy is available to all eligible employees at a cost of $2.00 per month. Additional, voluntary, term insurance (in increments of $10,000.00 up to a maximum of $100,000.00 depending upon age) is also available. Learn more >>

Retirement Plans
Massachusetts licensed teachers working .67 FTE or more must join the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement Board. Other permanent employees working more than twenty (20) hours per week must join the Cambridge Retirement Plan. These are comprehensive systems which offer defined benefit pensions to workers who have retired after a fixed number of years of creditable service, having attained a certain age or who have become disabled.

PenServ (Cambridge Public Schools 403(b) Plan)
Cambridge Public Schools allows employees to invest a portion of their wages on a tax-deferred basis to a supplemental retirement savings account through payroll deduction. Contributions to the 403b plans are invested in a variety of investment vehicles such as stock and bond funds, guaranteed accumulation accounts and money market funds.
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Deferred Contribution Plan
Deferred Compensation Memo | Great West Enrollment Form | VOYA Enrollment Form | VOYA Beneficiary Form

Flexible Spending Accounts
Start saving on medical and dependent care expenses by joining a flexible spending account. More information >>

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
EAP offers free services for school department staff, including confidential counseling, legal consultations, financial resources, online health coaching, smoking cessation and support for life transitions. View the Flyer >>