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What Research Says about Kindergarten
Researcher say that a smooth transition into kindergarten can positively impact the child’s school experience and future success. Preschool children make the transition into kindergarten more successfully when their schools and families prepare for it together, and when their preschool and kindergarten teachers connect. Also, by coordinating transition efforts, preschool and kindergarten programs can help children maintain and maximize the gains they made in preschool. This is also a time for great change for both children and families:

  • Children have to adjust to more academic demands and a school day full of transitions.
  • Parents get less support and connection with teachers.
  • While parents are excited to see their child enter kindergarten, their hope is that schools will get to know their child as an individual.

The 2017 Cambridge Public Schools Transition Form is designed to ease children’s transition from preschool to Kindergarten. The child’s preschool educator shares the following information about your child with the child’s future kindergarten teacher:

  • Social-emotional development
  • Self-help skills
  • Approaches to learning
  • Strengths and interest
  • Favorite activities

Sharing the child’s strengths and needs means that the child is known as an individual before the start of school. This sharing of information can only benefit the child, the family, and the educator during this critical transition period.


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