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There are many different options for early childhood education and care. What is best for each family and child is not the same.

Find It Cambridge can help you find an array of programs located in the city of Cambridge. Things you can ask about as you explore your options:

  • Location, hours, holidays, program closures & back-up plan if a provider is ill 
  • Age range of children licensed to care for, size of the group and ratio of adults to children
  • Cost and availability of tuition assistance - state subsidies and program scholarships
  • Qualifications of staff and staff turnover
  • Accreditation and program quality ratings
  • Health and Safety—cleanliness inside and outside
  • Games, toys, equipment, environment and curriculum. Do they match the age of the children and reflect diversity in the community? Are things in good condition? How much outdoor space is available and what activities are planned for outside?
  • Are parents encouraged to play an active role? What participation is required?
  • Do the children seem happy?