History & Accomplishments

B3 LogoAfter a lengthy needs assessment process, in November 2015, the Early Childhood Task Force recommended that Cambridge adopt a mixed-delivery Universal Pre-Kindergarten system that includes Cambridge Public Schools, the Department of Human Service Programs, Head Start, and community-based providers.

In February 2016, Cambridge City Council voted to implement the Task Force recommendations, and the Birth to 3rd Grade Partnership was born. 



Task Force Issues Recommendations


City Council votes to fund implementation and creates position of Cambridge Early Childhood Director

Subcommittees formed: Quality & Access Family Engagement Health

Launch of Find It Cambridge

Windsor Street Preschool opens


Program Quality Improvement (PQI) Initiative launches, enrolling 9 preschools

Home Visiting Needs Assessment conducted

Launch of first early childhood educator “Shared Services, MA” in Massachusetts

Scholarship Program launches & enrolls 23 children with a high level of need in quality preschool centers

Expansion of the Early Years Program

Family Engagement Commitment is adopted by CPS, DHSP, and many local providers


The Partnership more than doubles the number of scholarships, enrolling 54 high-needs children in high-quality preschools

A total of 15 preschool centers become eligible to receive students with Partnership scholarship, having documented their commitment to high quality standards

Campaign to raise awareness about young children’s social-emotional development and mental health needs debuts

FCC Program Quality Improvement Pilot to list

Convene Home Visiting providers to develop guiding principles, identify common benchmarks for success, improve intra-agency communication, and strengthen referral patterns

More to come!