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In his letter to the Cambridge City Council requesting funding to launch the Birth to Third Grade Partnership, City Manager Richard Rossi summarized the findings of the Early Childhood Task Force. In his words, the task force:
...confirmed the availability of many strong programs and services within Cambridge, but also confirmed the significant challenges families and providers face without a coherent system that links families, early childhood providers, and the schools. The Task Force recognized that it would be a multi-year ongoing effort to build an effective early childhood system that would improve the outcomes for Cambridge’s children.

The Birth to 3rd Grade Partnership is the infrastructure through which early childhood education is strengthened, aligned, and made more accessible for families.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Creating 34 New Preschool Spots by Opening the DHSP Windsor Preschool. Half are reserved for children who live in public housing and receive financial aid.

  • Making Existing Programs Better: Eight community-based programs have enrolled in a research-based Program Quality Improvement (PQI) pilot program. In addition, free professional development and consultation are available to any interested provider.

  • Providing Scholarships for Preschool to Low-Income Families: Over twenty families have received a scholarship to enroll in a preschool that participates in the PQI pilot. The Partnership will double the number of scholarships awarded next fiscal year.

  • Helping Families Understand and Find the Programs They Need: The Partnership supported the development of an innovative online and human-touch information resource for families called Find it Cambridge.

  • Helping Early Childhood Providers Work More Efficiently: So far, ten early childhood providers have signed up to participate in a cost-saving and time-saving “Shared Resources program developed through the United Way. 

  • Promoting Child Mental Health and Wellness: Expansion of the Early Years Project of The Guidance Center and Cambridge Health Alliance is increasing consultation to early childhood educators around young children’s emotional and behavioral needs.